Highlights of Regina family reunion

It was a long time coming, I finally met some of Meep’s extended family in Regina, Saskatchewan (Canada). We managed to not only meet up with the paternal side of the family for Grandma’s 90th birthday and family pictures; but also the maternal extended family. The 6 days in Regina included walking down memory lane and a whole lot of eating!!! Here is a brief recap:

Our trip started with a major bump with our flight being canceled and having to spend over an hour getting United to put us on a route that would take us to Regina in time to make grandma’s 90th birthday. We still ended up arriving 7 hours later than we would have liked but I was pretty OK with it all because our re-route got me some JAPADOG!! (A stand opened up at the airport a few months ago). I got the Kurobuta Teriyamo AND Okonomi (also the Kurobuta sausage). The sausage was mindblowingly good… how I miss Japadog!

We finally made it to Regina and was pigged out at Uncle K’s before hitting the casino. The rest of our trip included nightly trips to the casino till past 3 am. Who would have known that the slots would be the highlight of the trip. The best slot is the Deal or No Deal, which simulates the TV show and it is super entertaining!! Some pictures with our slot winnings!!!

Instead of a full detailed lengthy recap, here are some highlights of the trip!

Picture taking! The grandchildren and paternal grandma. ^_^ Super cute photo… The dinner after was a total riot with some painful karaoke involved (no pictures at this point! lol).

Visiting the convenience store that the maternal Grandparents used to own! Although it has been renamed, it still brought back a lot of good memories for Meep & SILs.

Catching up with my mumsy in law’s side of the family! The first giant meet up was all 50 relatives, where everyone got to meet everyone else.

The next day was the time to pay respect to the elders that have moved on followed by a massive Reunion BBQ and a giant family picture to wrap it up.

Hung out at Uncle Kelly’s after the family picnic.

AL brought some MICROWAVE pork rinds that were freaking amazing!!! It was hilarious how much joy we all got when the pork rinds actually turned out and tasted pretty darn good. It was quite a sight with us gathered around the microwave waiting for the moment of truth –

The cousins reunited (from Regina, Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle, San Jose and Singapore)


Other than long nights at the casino and lotsa catchup sessions over food, there wasn’t much else to see or do in Regina. Food-wise, it was kinda limited as well. Our best meals of the trip were:

140 piece of KFC for family BBQ!!!!

Houston Pizza! Not your everyday pizza and cost a whopping $50 but worth every dollar. I swear it weigh over 2 lbs!

House of Yee Ribs, Uncle Bo’s recipe that passed on when he sold the House of Yee before moving to Vancouver. They still serve his fabulous ribs~


That is it! A little scattered and lotsa inside jokes but an amazing trip. I was exhausted from the lack of sleep but it was totally worth it. Till the next post~

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