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Girl’s night out on a random Friday in the city. I have never been to Skool and we originally wanted to give the “Dine about town” a shot so we headed over (although we weren’t too keen on the menu offering so ended up ordering off the regular menu).

The restaurant was inviting, with the large windows and massive patio. It looks more on the upscale side but the atmosphere was laid back and comfortable. They have a happy hour menu that is served only at the bar and so we opted for the regular dining menu.



We ordered:

Gulf Ceviche $12

Raw Bay Scallop, Rock Shrimp, Coriander, Chili, Aji Amarillo, Baked Japanese Aonori Chips & Cilantro

The ceviche was a little blah; the scallops seemed to be pre frozen and watery, while the rock shrimp was fishy. It was pretty bland with the main flavours being oil and lime. The crackers that it was served with was interesting – definitely Japanese with the distinct seaweed seasoning.

Crab Bon Bons $15

Dungeness Crab Balls with Romesco Fine Herb Aioli

Pretty disappointing. They were pretty much mini crab cakes that were a tad overdone with a thick crust. The flavours were pretty good though especially the ceamy aioli.

Steamed Mussels $18.50

Mussels, Smoked Bacon, Tomato in a Point Reye Blue Cheese, Cream Broth with White Wine, Pastis, Fine Herbs served with Grilled Toast

I quite enjoyed the mussels; it was a generous portion with plump tender mussels swimming in a rich creamy wine broth. I expected more bacon flavours but got mostly wine and blue cheese, which actually was not too bad. I expected it to be intensely overwhelming with blue cheese but it was quite subtle in flavours, although you could definitely smell it.

Rock Risotto $24

Rich risotto with Rock shrimp, Local asparagus topped with large U-10 pan seared scallops.

Best dish of the night. Not so much for the risotto but the scallops were amazing! Thick hunks of fresh scallops seared beautifully, it was so sweet and tender. I thought the rock shrimp was delicious too! I am not the biggest fan of risottos and have only had one great on once ever. This was decently made, creamy and seasoned well but it was lacking.

French Fries $6

Skinny fries served with Skool Miso Aioli.

Definitely good fries! We polished these off pretty fast. They were almost like Mcdonald fries but crispier and just as addictive. The aioli was good but the fries were great with good ol’ ketchup!

Baby Eryngii Fries $8

Sun Smiling Valley arm Eryngii Mushroom fries with skool miso aioli.

I love mushrooms in any form so was pretty excited about these fries. The coating on the mushrooms were a little thick but super crispy with and nice tender mushrooms. It was pretty good with the miso aioli, which was salty and creamy.

Flourless Chocolate Cake $7.75

Flourless Guittard Chocolate Cake with Cardamom Spice topped with Orange confit, orange sauce and sugar tuille.

Delicious! Rich, intense dark chocolate flourless cake with a hint of Cardamom, which was surprisingly subtle. I thought it would be strange but it was delicious~ And the zesty orange took the dessert to a whole new level.



Glass of Mondavi Moscato $6.50
Blue Moon Wheat Ale $5
Haole’s Downfall $10
Imperial Caipirinha $10
Tea $5
Coffee $3.50



Total Damage: $175 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Good)

I was not crazy about any of the drinks we ordered but the food was pretty good. Nothing was excellent but the dishes were well prepared and tasted good for the most part. The scallops and flourless chocolate cake were definitely the highlights of the night.

Service was good. A lot more attentive in the beginning but halfway through the meal, they kinda forgot about us. We had to ask for dessert menus and I actually had to flag someone down after waiting way to long to put in the order for the dessert and coffee. Even paying up took a while.

Totally random but this was the first thing we saw when we walked up to the restaurant; made me laugh out loud and then felt quite uncomfortable about the neighbourhood.




1725 Alameda Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

(415) 255 8800

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