Housewife’s tale episode 5

omg! more than 5 weeks have passed!!!

Monday- I bought some lemongrass over the weekend so decided to try making some vietnamese favourites of mine. Grilled lemongrass chicken and beef satay~ Served with some fishsauce dip(I don’t know what it is called) served over rice!! Pretty good result for my first attempt~ served w yummie string beans cooked in abalone sauce~

Tuesday – Codroe & Kimchi Udon. We used to eat at this Japanese Tapas place that served a plate of this udon cooked w cod roe for $8.99. W the pack of cod roe sauce which cost $2.49, some udon, kimchi n sprinkle of seaweed…. I managed to re create the dish (pure luck that it taste the same coz I have never used the cod roe sauce we bought)

On the same night, I baked some pasta (dint have macaroni, so I used the last of my linguine). Made a ragu like sauce w beef, green peppers, onions, canned tomatoes and lotsa parmesan and mozarella~~ The baked version isn’t pretty so this is the pre-baked picture

Wednesday – My all time favourite. Chicken drumsticks in a garlic tomato sauce. Love this over rice. Chicken drumsticks were very pretty and hard to take pics of. So I took a picture of chris bento – I de-bone all the meats for his lunchbox so he doesn’t have to use his hands.. ^_^

Thursday- Grilled ginger marinated porkchop served a garlic mashed topped with bacon, and string beans w cute lil mushrooms.

Chris’ bento- We ate most of the two pork chops i grilled, so to make up for the pitiful amount of leftovers to pack, I added baked pasta I made the day before~ ^_^

Friday – Spanish inspired meal. Beef kebabs marinated in cilantro, garlic, lemon juice, paprika, chili flakes n pepper served w Tomato artichoke salsa and Spanish rice (rice cooked in chick broth, peppers, onions, bay leaf n garlic) yummmmm. cooked medium rare for meep! medium for me~

I prepacked chris’ bento for monday coz we tend to eat out on Sundays… No veggies coz he dint like the salsa.

I know I cooked beans all throughout the week. Lol.. As you can see I am not very creative when it comes to veggies so I rotate between broccoli, bak choy, snap peas and string beans. lol… always cooked the same way too but it works coz these r the only veggies I like anyways.

Saturday was the usual. Chris went to hockey in the morning. I didn’t go this week. Wanted to sleep in after burning cds for 4 hours. For dinner, Chris n I went to sushi infinity that opened down the street for all you can eat sushi. We had a lil too much salmon n 3 different kinds of california roll. All for a whopping $68. *gulp* but it was worth it… sushi was surprisingly fresh n tasty… an overdose of spicy mayo

(the regular price of each roll is typical in sushi places in San Jose. All you can eat or regular menu- we still end up spending quite a bit when we head out for sushi…)

We have hamachi nigiri, Chopped scallop cone baked UFO (cali roll top w scallops) and Lion King (cali roll top w salmon). ^o^

Then we have the salmon and red snapper nigiri, Tokyo roll (in it – yellow tail, salmon, pickled something; one it – yellow tail, salmon, tuna, red snapper n giant roe), Super cali roll (salmon on cali roll)


After dinner, here I watched medium (i like it so far~) and burnt more cds. how productive!

as for sunday – I am going to make chicken congee. Nothing exciting. Just wanted something homey~ and I am gonna have to study for my class on Monday so that’s why this post is early~ Till next week!!!

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