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Gotham Steakhouse~ I can’t believe after living in Greater Vancouver Area (specifically Coquitlam) for over 2.5 years and hanging around downtown Vancouver, that I have never tried or even heard of Gotham Steakhouse. I blame “The Keg” and their great marketing (tv ads) for hogging all my attention when it came to steaks back then. SIL convinced us that we had to dine here because she felt that steaks here were better than what we had at Stripsteak in Vegas. I have to say she must be smoking crack because this does not come close to Stripsteak. That said, it was still a great steakhouse.

The ambiance was a little ol’ school romantic and dark, but instead of couples was packed with people who looked like they were there for a business meal. More of an old crowd than the usual mix of young and old.

It was really dark in the restaurant so excuse the glaring pictures, but here is the menu:

Simple straightforward one pager.

We ordered:

Black and Blue Ahi Tuna $16.95

with soya sauce and wasabi mustard

This came highly recommended by our server but was a total disappointment. Not only was it a smallest pieces of ahi tuna for $17, it was not good at all. The tuna was seared unevenly and was falling apart. A tad blah in seasoning, mushy in the centre and tasted dry on the seared parts (don’t ask me how that is possible). The soy was just regular kikkoman tasting concoction with no flare.

Sauteed Garlic Shrimp $16.95

Another recommendation and this time it was a hit. The shrimp was cooked just right, although it was missing the “Sauteed” aspect was seemed more poached, it still taste great with the garlicky sauce.

Porterhouse Steak $54.95

A warning to all, this is a massive steak that honestly should be shared and not attempted by one individual (unless you are accustomed to eating a whole cow during dinner). Cooked the the requested rare and seasoned nicely. I appreciate the nice grill marks and char at the ends. A solid steak!

Bone in Rib Steak $54.95

I am all about the rib eye! We got the larger cut and it was cooked a little more rare than the medium rare requested. Marbly, fatty with nice crisped charred bits of fat around the bones and edges. It was a great cut and aged beautifully. My top pick of the night!!

Sauteed Spinach $9.95

Simple, fresh spinach sauteed. A little bland for my liking but cooked really well.

Fresh Asparagus $10.95

I love asparagus! It was delicious with a nice bite to it left and seasoned well.

Creamed Corn $8.95

I did not think that this would be the top pick for sides but it was! The corn was so sweet, with a bit of texture left and so creamy and rich without being heavy. Definitely a great side since it is on the sweet side and it was nice to pair with the steak.



Total Damage: $263 (including tax & tip)
Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (very good)

The service was excellent! Eventhough the recommendations for the appetiser were a bit of a let down but he definitely didn’t try to upsell and we managed to have just the right amount of food. The steaks were great, as one would expect from one of the best steakhouses in Vancouver. I am a tad sad that we didn’t try any desserts since we already had reservations to check out some appys and dessert at Chambar.



Gotham Steakhouse

615 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 3K4

(604) 605 8484

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