Weekend in Vancouver – Day 2

It’s the BIG DAY!!! Meep and I didn’t get home till past 330 am the night before and it was a tad painful trying to get ready in the morning. I have to say, I must be the least “groomed” best man yet! Just threw on a dress and a failed attempt to dry my hair the way the salon did the day before and un-manicured nails. >_<. I mean, the day is for the bride and groom anyways right? I just had to try to stay out of pictures! lol.

The wedding started off without a hitch (almost had a bouquet scare but it’s all good) at Brix in downtown Vancouver.

I got to say, the staff that day were fantastic – the manager was definitely on top of everything and very accommodating. I was thoroughly impressed and they must do this often enough~ Definitely a great spot for an intimate wedding. Their courtyard was gorgeous, and it was “outdoors”, with lots of sun but also a glass top roof (so high up you don’t even notice) in case of rain.

After the ceremony, we were served a range of hors d’oeuvres which were all pretty darn tasty! At this point, I was looking forward to the actual lunch.

The fish and chip is genius and tasted amazing!!!

Lunch menu:

I was impressed at Brix for giving the option for appetisers and entrees, and to be able to execute the food for over 40 guests without making “pre selections”. I got to try every item on the menu and there were some misses with the appetizer and dessert but the entrees were good.

I was most impressed with the cook on the fish and steak:

Dessert was a tad of a let down, even with the dessert buffet it was still lacking. But they looked good!!!

Wedding cake was delish! (from St.Germain Bakery in Aberdeen). Vanilla sponge cake with fresh mango filling.

After the wedding, it was time for photos!! Vancouver is the perfect city to get married in (if it is not raining) and with so many picturesque locations for wedding photography.



That’s the wedding! The night was filled with more eating ( 3 restaurants in a night!) – which I will save for the last post on Vancouver~ Till then.




1138 Homer Street
Vancouver, BC V6B2G2

(604) 915 9463

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