Weekend in Vancouver – Day 2 & 3

After the wedding, we pretty rushed to make our 7.30 reservation at Gotham Steakhouse in downtown Vancouver. Sis in law (JJ) has been raving about this place and Chambar so we made reservations at both places; with the plan of appetizers at Chambar and mains at Gotham. With the wedding photos taking longer than we expected we had to make some changes to our plan and decided on Gotham first and Chambar if we had the time.

We got a great table at the top floor:

We had the Ribeye & T-bone steak, followed by 3 sides. The steak and sides were great but the appetisers we got were disappointing.


Instead of having desserts, we head over to Chambar to try their popular Foie Gras terrine. I was impressed with the terrine, which was smooth and literally melted in the mouth. I thought the best part was the brioche that it was served with! I could have had a whole loaf of the sweet, soft bread although didn’t think it went that well with the terrine.

I also ordered the lemom souffle; which turned out to be more of a frozen souffle. It was quite strange and I am not sure whether I liked it or not but at that point it felt nice to get something tangy and cold.

The final stop: OK we are not crazy, there is a reason behind the ridiculous amount of restaurants in a span of 4.5 hours. We met up with Meep’s friend Di, who has never tried foie gras and Meep is determined to let her try some that night. We thought Chambar served Seared Foie Gras but it was a terrine, so we decided to stop by Brix for the Seared Foie Gras (we only knew they had this on their late night menu because I asked to see the regular menu when we were there during the wedding). So here it is, foie gras from Brix.

The foie gras was a little disappointing; with too much oil on the plate and served with greasy crostini. Not impressed.

We are almost at the end of the trip! The next day, we met up w J&K for brunch before heading to the airport at Burgoo:

Definitely heavy for a lunch but it kept us going till we got on the plane and got back to San Jose! I miss Vancouver already. *tear* Till next time.

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