Quick update

Why hello~ It has been a while hasn’t it? No, I have not stopped blogging but work and a social life got the better of me and it was hard to find the time to just sit and blog. Honestly, I did not think that it would be this hard… I mean, think about it? It is just eating, taking pictures and posting them right?

*sigh* instead of giving a half ass apology for being so inconsistent lately, I figured I would share some pictures from an awesome night out with the Urbanspoon gang and some fellow bloggers. We were invited to check out West of Pecos and meet up with the local Urbanspoon team.

Here are some pictures to share!!! My absolute favourite is the guacamole and queso! The guacamole had chunks of fresh corn that gave it a nice sweetness and the queso had bit of salty bacon!!!! How can I not be in love with this. They were both delicious~

Other dishes we tried were:

Definitely a lot of food and with some lethal cocktails going around – I had to say it was nothing short of a great evening out.

Can’t wait for the next event!! Till next time peeps~



West of Pecos

550 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

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