Family Vacation and more

Hi all!

Labour day weekend was a blast~ Meep and I spent 4 days in Anaheim with the family (Parentals in law, youngest SIL & her favourite S was there) and of course we spent two full days at Disneyland. I got to say I was pretty darn impressed with how the parentals were able to keep up w us; spending over 12 hours each day at Disneyland just walking around and going on lotsa rides. I didn’t go crazy with the picture taking this time around because I got distracted with all the exciting stuff going on, BUT the pictures that I did take were fantabulous:

Of course no trip is complete without over-eating! We didn’t dine anywhere super exciting but definitely found a gem at Disney Downtown – Uva Bar & Cafe. These UVA street fries resulted in TWO trips back to UVA in two days.

No vacation is complete without a trip to IHOP!

and Denny’s at 1 am:

The rest of our meals were subpar BBQ & Grill at the Sheraton, where my date was the highlight of the trip and not the food:

ROFL, Meeps bought the cap for youngest SIL provided that she wore the mustache (that is a strip velcroed onto the cap – total genius!) to dinner and she did. o_O

Disney Burgers (I forgot to take a picture), giant turkey legs, hotel breakfast (siu mai and potstickers? Hell yeah!) and room service:

We ended our trip w a lunch date with JR & beautiful baby E at some Japanese curry place in Irvine called Coco.

And manage to stumble upon two amazing bakeries in the same area (I’ve never even heard of them till I checked them out on Yelp). 85 C and Bon Epi:


Good times~

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