Introducing…A NEW housewife in The Housewife’s Tale

There is a new contributor to the housewife’s tale: My youngest SIL who is now the housewife in the family, will start posting some reviews of her dining experiences in Seattle! I am super excited and glad because I have been slacking on posting since the new job and she is in the exact position that I was in before I got myself a real job. Here is a short intro by her:

I should preface this with this is my very first blog post. I love food and eating at different restaurants, but I have never been that person to take pictures of their food. Admittedly, I love looking at pictures of food to get the old salivary glands going, but I’ve never been a big picture person. Maybe this blog will change that…? Only time will tell…

Like Miss Edda, I went to the University of Alberta, obtained my degree, and worked throughout my academic years. I was set! I had a great job with the government and met a boy! A boy that I would fall in love with, get married to, and move to Seattle with. This boy has previously been deemed as my “favorite S”. So here I am, in Seattle. Supporting my favorite S while he conquers his endeavors.  Since I am unable to work/volunteer (due to American bureaucratic policies)  I dabbled in the opportunities that Seattle had to offer, such as school, but ultimately decided to follow in my SIL’s footsteps and embrace the housewife life! I have been fortunate enough to travel and participate in many extra curricular activities I would have never thought of trying before.

So here I am. Following in her footsteps again. Food blogging. My favorite S and I like to go out and eat all the time, and I love to tell people about my experiences so this might just be perfect for me! I just have to work on taking more pictures… It’s not my fault I can’t wait to dig in to the delicious food! Taking pictures is the last thing on my mind. I’ll work on it though, I promise!

First review: Tutta Bella – Seattle.

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