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Finally I got to try Yang Sing. Right after A & W’s amazing performance at the SF Half Marathon, we rewarded ourselves (rushing to the finish line w SK was like a race of its own so we consider that our achievement of the day and should be well rewarded) with dim sum at Yank Sing. A got us reservations at the Yank Sing on Spear Street, which is right in the Rincon Centre.

The shops within the centre is closed on weekends so Yank Sing’s dining area expands onto the foyer, which makes for a great dining experience – right next the water fountain, the glass ceilings many storeys high and amazing natural light.

Menu has a good range of items, not as many choices as the typical dim sum joint but just enough with all the favourites.

We ordered:

5 orders Shanghai Kurobuta Pork Dumpling @ $12.25 each

Did we really just spend $62 on Dumplings?! Yes we did and let me tell you why: They were freaking amazing!

I am not even a fan of soupy dumplings and was rarely blown away by them. Even the ones at Din Tai Fung or Koi Palace (one of the better ones I have had) were just good but not great to me. These on the other hand were freaking amazing. The skin was extremely delicate and the soup and meat was so tasty – seasoned perfectly and packful of flavour. It was not fatty or grainy like some of the ones we have had. One word – Bestest!

3 orders Shrimp Dumpling $6.10

Great Har Gow – delicate skin with nice chunks of nicely seasoned. Definitely one of the best har gows in the Bay Area.

2 orders Pork & Shrimp Siu Mye $6.10

I am obsessed with siu mais/myes! I could eat these all day, regardless of where I am at if it is on the menu I will order it. Usually the ones at any dim sum joint has more pork than shrimp but that is the opposite here. It was moistly shrimp with hints of fatty pork and very very subtle Shiitake mushrooms. I am not sure if this is how I like my siu mai but it was very good and popping with juices.

Stuffed Lotus Leaf $5.25

Pretty good sticky rice, although it was a tad falling apart and not really sticking together because it was loosely packed with a very saucy pork. It was just like rice with seasoning that is cooked with short grain rice. But it was definitely very tasty – sweet and salty.

2 orders Crab Claws $12.25

As expected – just like the usual crab claw that is just crab paste reformed onto a claw.

I did appreciate the piece of fresh crab claw that is right in the centre, it was like a little surprise.

Shrimp Steamed Rice Noodle Rolls $8

Really good rice roll – delicate and soft and topped with sweet light soy sauce. It was stuffed with bits of scallions and generous fresh shrimp.

Chicken Stuffed Mushrooms $10.50

Meh… Just minced chicken stuffed into White Mushrooms that seemed a tad bland. I didn’t care for it much.

Szechuan Chicken $8.40

Prolly the one dish that is not up to par at any place. The chicken were in little bits, tasted deep fried but all dried up like jerky. Glazed with a overly sweet and sticky sauce and dried chilis.

Honey Baked SeaBass $19

A mindblowing dish! I thought the honey would be overwhelming but it was actually really good! The sweet salty sauce went really well with the nice chunk of delicate fish. The fish was cooked to perfection! Nice charred bits from the glazed corners and yet so moist and flaked beautifully. Pricey for a small piece the size of my palm but definitely worth it.

Mango Pudding $5.25

I was quite disappointed with the pudding, it was not smooth and creamy. It was a tad grainy and very heavy.

3 orders Silken Tofu @$4.95 each

SK insisted on ordering 3 of these for the table and I could see why – best silken tofu I have had to date. It was veyr delicate and literally melted in the mouth. Even the tofu essence was very delicate.


$1.95 each


Total Damage: $260 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 4.25 out of 5 (Excellent)

SK is gonna flip when he sees the rating on this restaurant because most of the dishes were excellent and he is a fan! That said, the dishes were really pricey and some just did not warrant the premium prices. Actually the prices are all over the place, the stuffed/sticky rice in lotus leaf was $5.25, which seems to be the going price for the nicer dim sum restaurants BUT 4 egg tarts were $10?

With that note, I will definitely head over to Yank Sing if I ever have a Shanghai/Xiao Long Bao craving.

In terms of service, it was spectacular. Nothing like the typical sub par service that one expects in a chinese restaurant. The moment we were seated till the end, there was always someone filling up water, clearing dishes and checking on us.



Yank Sing

101 Spear Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

(415) 957 9300

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