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After an awesome day out in Napa with the ladies, we ended our trip with dinner at Marlowe’s. Managed to snagged a reservation  a few weeks in advance, which was definitely necessary coz the place was packed!

Not the biggest space and it does get quite cozy.

The menu is a short well categorized one pager:

We ordered:

Warm Deviled Egg $1.50 each

aged Provolone, pickled Jalapeno & bacon

Deviled egg never tasted so good. Warm egg yolk that was creamy with a kick from the cheese. I could eat a whole plate full of these if they didn’t cost $1.50 each.


Crispy Brussel Sprout Chips $7

w lemon and sea salt

Who knew veggies could be that good. They were a great alternative to the usual chips – crispy, salty with a tad of a bitter afternote. Quite addictive if I do say so myself.


Baked Oysters $3 each

New England chowder in a shell

Creamy, rich and so good! I still prefer my oysters raw but this was a great alternative – the oysters was covered in a creamy, onion based and topped with crispy breadcrumbs.


Spiced Jumbo Gulf Shrimp $13

w hot & spicy cocktail sauce

The shrimp was so fresh but a tad overdone. I appreciate that it was prepared on the grill and was charred well. A change from the usual boring shrimp cocktail – this was way better!


Pan Seared Monterey Bay Calamari $11

w frise & radicchio, Meyer lemon aioli, olives, roasted garlic, chili flake and chives

I didn’t think I would enjoy this dish as much as I did. My disclaimer: I am not a fan of olives and always find them to be overpowering. In this salad, it was definitely present but I didn’t mind it too much. The calamari was so tender and delicious.


Grilled Niman Pork Chop $25

Garlic creamed spinach, Italian butter beans & crispy salsify chips

Definitely a showstopper. The pork chop was so moist with a nice char on the exterior. I love anything grilled so this was definitely my kind of dish. The creamed spinach was actually not very creamy at all, which I really liked. And the butter beans were tender and a nice change to the usual heavy starch. The crispy chips were really good!


Marlowe Burger $14

w Caramelized onions, cheddar, bacon, horseradish aioli and fries

Delicious! I could see why this dish is a signature here at Marlowe. The patty was grilled to a nice medium and served on a delicious bun. Best part of the meal was the fries and aioli! Addictive and cooked to perfection~


Pan Seared Local Wild King Salmon $26

w roasted eggplant, creme fraiche, cucumber and quinoa tabbouleh

Another great dish. The king salmon was so rich and fatty and pan seared with a crispy skin and moist centre. I didn’t care much for the roasted greasy eggplant or quinoa but really like the cucumber relish on the side! It went with the fish really well.


TCHO Chocolate Cream Pie $7

graham cracker & chocolate cookie crust, cocoa nib and sea salt

I loved the chocolate pudding! It was intense with bitter dark chocolate, with crispy bits of graham cracker and chocolate cookies crust at the bottom. It was brought over the edge by the sea salt! Definitely a winner.

Upside Down Strawberry Crisp $7

Bourbon ice cream & brown butter caramel sauce

The ice cream was so good! Not to mention the buttery caramel sauce topped with some strawberry compote.

Vanilla Bean Panno Cotta Affogato $7

amaretto and lemon biscotti

OMG! This was heaven in a jar. The panna cotta was so silky and packed with vanilla beans; sweet, rich and creamy. Topped off with a bitter fragrant espresso and amaretto. I would go back in a heart beat for this dessert.




Total Damage: $200 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 (Great!)

A great way to end our ladies day out! I enjoyed every dish and thought the prices were quite reasonable for what we got. Everything tasted so fresh and prepared very well. I would go back in a heartbeat for the deviled eggs, pork chop and desserts in a jar!




330 Townsend Street,
Ste 101
San Francisco, CA 94107

(415) 974 5599

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