Evvia Estiatorio – Palo Alto, CA

KY was raving about Evvia while we were hanging out one day and so we decided to head over there for our joint birthday dinner (which was eons ago when this post was drafted). It was still warm enough for their awesome doors to be kept open so it felt like we were dining al fresco.

I loved everything about the restaurant before we even looked at the menu – the professionalism of the staff, the decor and whole ambiance of the place.

Menu is a one pager but definitely a lot of choices. More appetizers than entrees but there was still a good amount of variety for entrees.

Tzatziki $8

Delicious thick greek yogurt with even better pita! Great way to start our meal.

Taramosalata $8

I don’t know what this is, but it was kinda like hummus~ Delicious. Also served with pita like the tzatziki, which is amazing! There is something to be said about lightly oiled and grilled pita.

Octapodaki tou Yiorgou $13.75

Traditional grilled octopus with lemon, oregano & olive oil

I didn’t care much for the octopus. It was tough and chewy with not much flavour to it.

Garides plaki $10.75

Oven baked prawns with plaki sauce

The prawns were a tad disappointing. Overdone and in a monotonous tomato sauce.

Tiganita Kalamarakia $11.75

Crispy Calamari with lemon, parsley and anchovy aioli

Decent calamari. The batter was a little too thick so instead of being crispy it was more crunchy. The aioli on the other hand, was excellent! I guess I like anchovy?

2 order of  Kolokithokeftethes $8.75 each

Crispy Zucchini cakes with cucumber and mint yogurt

Meh… None of us were too excited about the zucchini cakes. Instead of crispy it was more mushy especially in the centre. I don’t know what I was suppose to taste. The yoghurt was nice.

3 orders Arnisia Paidakia $38 each

Rib cut, mesquite grilled lamb chops with olive oil lemon roasted potatoes

OMG! The portions for the entrees blew my mind. Honestly, most of the couples shared entrees but me being the pig that I am, had to have my own (which I did not even manage to finish). The lamb chops were nicely seasoned with a perfect char from the grill so it is so smokey. I loved everything about it. The potatoes I could do without – really sour and not well balanced.

Solomos $25.50

Grilled salmon fillet with lemon potato puree and tomato ouzo sauce

The salmon was ok. Grilled really well, with the fish still slightly translucent in the centre and seasoned nicely. I didn’t care much for the tomato sauce tho. The potato puree was nice~

Kokinisto me Manestra $30

Lamb shank braised in aromatic spices with orzo and myzithra cheese

Best dish of the night hands down. Meep didn’t care much for the orzo because it thought it was way overdone. I loved everything about the dish. The massive portion of falling of the bone, melting fatty lamb shank that is just packful of complex seasoning. It definitely tasted like it had been cooked for hours.

The orzo seemed to be cooked in the braising liquid coz it tasted just like the shank with a hint of lemon and every bite was delicious!!

Dishes I didn’t try but they were definitely mouthwatering:

Soutzoukakia $10

Grilled lamb meatballs with tomato and green olive compote

Mydia $16.50

Steamed mussels with toasted garlic, lemons & herbed retsina sauce

Hirini Brizola $29

Mesquite grilled pork chop with sweet potato gratin & Evvia dressing

Psari sto Furno $35

Whole fish (Branzino) wood oven roasted with spring onions, roasted tomatoes and braised potatoes.



Side of pita
Coffee $3.50



Total Damage: 437.94 (including tax & tip; note that 20% gratuity is included for large parties)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Very good)

Definitely not a cheap place. Expect to spend at least $65 per person especially if you are a normal eater with sharing appetizers and one entrée each. Service was excellent. Part of the party was late and our server was extremely patient and made sure we got our appetizers. They even cut the birthday cake at the end and served it without charging for cake cutting. I am just so used to paying for cake cutting fees that it is a nice change when we don’t have to.

I was not crazy about the appetizers (except for maybe the dips) but found all entrees to be excellent. Will definitely be back there for the lamb dishes and dips.



Evvia Estiatorio

420 Emerson Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301

(650) 326 0983

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