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Eggs, eggs, more eggs and coffee! I love breakfast food; and I love having breakfast past noon (brunch?) even more~ Meep and I are not morning people, we drove past Bill’s cafe many times and I kept telling him we should wake up earlier on the weekends and go out for Brunch.

Obviously it never happened. BUT… I have M! M and I walked past Bill’s once and I told her about how it has good reviews. She was skeptical (like Meep) because of the exterior of the restaurant. With the large parking lot and old shack like building, Bill doesn’t give very good first impressions.

But who cares! I am about the food. We ended up going there a couple times. Both visits were pleasant (I am surprised at the number of elderly people in there each time we r there).

We are on a mission to try something from each category and so far this is what we have had.


Portobello Mushroom Benedit ($9.50)

Portobello mushroom filled with jack cheese, grilled tomatoes, spinached, and topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise.

I liked the fact that this benedict was not served on soggy english muffins but rather mushrooms! I am not a fan of hollandaise (this is M’s dish) but everything else was good. She said it is good and that their hollandaise sauce is “different”.


Bread Pudding French Toast ($9.50)

comes with 2 eggs and a choice of bacon or sausage.  I ordered mine with 2 over medium eggs and sausages.

This was really awesome the first 3 bites…. then it got a little overwhelmingly sweet. There was just too much syrup~ I would probably order this with their “special bread pudding sauce” on the side and as a sharing dish. Not something you want to attempt on your own…

The eggs were cooked perfectly but the sausages were kinda scary looking. They taste ok but a little dry.


Build your own omelet w any 5 ingredients ($9.45)

I made my own with avocado, monterey jack cheese, sausage, bacon, onions. The omelet was massive! It took up half the plate.

It was pretty good size but the egg was a little bland. I should go for one of the omelets from the menu next time.


Petaluma Scramble ($8.45)

Chicken apple sausage, mushrooms, spinach topped with swiss cheese and salsa.

This was surprisingly tasty! I was expecting just eggs and stuff but the eggs came out soft and it had so much sausage, mushroom n spinach. They do not skimp on the ingredients and I like the fact that their scramble eggs are not overdone (dry n brown).

All omelets and scrambles the items comes with a choice of country fried potatoes, hash browns AND toast or fresh fruit. We opted for the country fried potatoes both times and both trips, they were pretty good.

M substituted her toast for a buttermilk pancake for an extra $2.25.

The pancake was huge! It was the size of a regular dinner plate. Pretty good and fluffy. I don’t know much about pancakes but M does.

She said their maple syrup tasted weird (that is prolly coz she is used the Canadian Maple Syrup; coming from Vancouver and all). I eat my pancakes with honey~ so What do i know. :)



Overall – 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

Me likes!!! Nothing fancy, but good hearty breakfast food. Fast and good service, laid back casual diner-ish restaurant. Oh, and good coffee. Their coffee is always hot and fresh tasting!




Bill’s Cafe

302 N Bascom Ave
San Jose, CA 95128

(408) 287-2455

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