Housewife tale episode 10~

TEN! can you believe it?!! This is a pretty uneventful week~ Meep and I had dim sum w DK n V at TAIPAN in Palo Alto. It was not too bad, but nothing amazing. It should have been considering the prices on the menu.

The lady boss was a family friend of V so we got some nummy nutritional wintermelon and gojiberry soup~

My absolute favourite dim sum item is SIU MAI!

2nd favourite – deep fried taro (I just called mom for her recipe!!!)

3rd – Black bean spare ribs!!! In Brunei, mom used to get spare ribs over rice along with siumai for dim sum every now and then. I think that is why I eventually just can’t have dim sum w/o ordering these

V ordered a whole bunch of other stuff, which I happily scarfed down~ ^o^

For dinner- I made fresh egg noodles and wontons!

Monday – I made salmon cakes served with a caper lemon mayo. I originally used Giada’s Lemon Aioli recipe but found it lacking… So I added capers!  More of a snack than a meal but so tasty! We had instant noodles when we got hungry again~ lol

Salmon fillet baked in oven, bunch of chopped up veg, an egg, panko breadcrumbs & whole bunch of spices… gives you…….

Tuesday – Meep was away so I did not have to make dinner! LOL So I indulged in a lot of snacking a deep fried~ I had deep fried wontons and zucchini sticks~

Wednesday – Salmon Teriyaki!!! Had leftovers since I was ALLLL alone!! =(

Thursday- Meep came home late night. I made some fresh spinach fettuccine the night before at 12 am. LOL.. Decided to try making tomato cream sauce. It was kinda plain tasting so I ended up making italian sausage, tomato cream sauce for meep

I started craving a burger at 12 am so I made myself some! It is pretty awesome to have a fridge full of ingredients and be able to make whatever I crave~ So I made myself a beef “sandwich” with an egg~

Friday – Chicken mushroom cabbage soup!! This stewing chicken took 4 hours before it was no longer tough.. lol…

and Japanese egg tofu w green onions n minced pork~

Saturday- Dint go to SF for Meep’s game coz I was up till 5 am watching East of Eden, a depressing Korean drama set in 1980s. They won the game! YAY Red Leafs! For lunch we had Vietnamese. I made the mistake of ordering the steam chicken w rice… I have high expectations when it comes to Steam chicken w rice, so was kinda disappointed.

For dinner it was Japanese night~ Miso soup, teriyaki chicken w rice, teriyaki chicken roll and california roll

This is it. Week 10! I have been going a lil crazy coz of all the food experiments. Menu should be more boring next week…

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