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My fantastic real estate agent and friend of mine decided to meet for lunch today. She not only helped us find our perfect house that we love so much, she has become my “go to” Seattelite and a good friend of mine. Check her out at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Claire-Newman-Mt-Baker-Windermere/211352975615418.

When we meet for lunch, we always end up eating at the same place – Wabi Sabi! Since we both live in the cute neighborhood of Columbia City, it makes sense for us to go to the local sushi joint. You can almost always get a table, they have fantastic happy hour, and the service is always great.

Outside Sign

I had the Tori Bento with Spicy Tuna Rolls, instead of California Rolls:

The Miso Soup that comes with the Bento

I love miso soup. It’s simple, delicious and warms the soul.

Tori Bento Box (with 1 gyoza and one sushi piece missing. Sorry!)

The Tori bento box consists of teriyaki chicken, california rolls (but I substitute them for spicy tuna rolls), 3 gyoza’s, seaweed/cucumber salad and half an orange. My apologies for the missing pieces! I am still getting used to taking pictures before digging in!

Enjoying the Food & Company

S was feeling sick today, so I brought him home some sushi.

Spicy Tuna & Rainbow Roll Take Out

I know sushi isn’t the first thing you think of to bring home to your sick husband, but I figured sushi is enjoyable any time, any day! And I know if he didn’t eat it, I would… which is pretty much exactly what happened. Oh well, more for me! =D

The Damage

Total Damage: $37.23 (including tax)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 (Pretty Good!!)

You can definitely get cheaper sushi around Seattle, but this place is good and so close to home. Can’t put a price on convenience! The food is fresh, the service great, and I am supporting my community. I will definitely be back, sooner than later!



Wabi Sabi

4909 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118

(206) 721 0212

Wabi-Sabi on Urbanspoon

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