Foo Food – Asian Street Food, Victoria, BC

When we were in Victoria we walked past Foo Food Asian Street Food, and I instantly felt nostalgic thinking about my past travels throughout Asia and the delicious food I had while being there. Images of  hawker stands and food stands came flooding to my mind. I was hoping to relive the experience at Foo Food.

Here is what they offer:


Here is what we ordered:

Sweet & Sour Pork Belly

Pad Thai with Shrimp & Pork

I love pork belly, and whenever I see it on the menu, I will usually order it. I was so excited to see it on the menu and I ordered it without even reading the rest of the menu! But, sadly, I was disappointed. The sweet and sour sauce was too overwhelming and it was too tangy for my liking. The pad thai noodles were done perfectly (I’m a noodle nazi, and VERY particular about how my noodles are prepared) but again, the sauce was too much and too overwhelming. There weren’t very many shrimp and way too much pork, both swimming in sauce. It was almost like a spaghetti sauce with a few shrimp.

This place has a lot of potential, but needs some work. We didn’t even finish our meals, which is very unlike us! It’s too bad, because this place has some serious potential.



Total: ~$28 (with tax and a beverage)

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (needs improvement, but extra recognition for serving pork belly!)



Foo Food

769 Yates Way
Victoria, BC V8W 3S2

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