Housewife’s Tale episode 41

41 and counting~

Sunday – N & Meep went out car shopping all afternoon and I promised to make dinner. I had no idea what N likes and so I went for my usual crowd favourite –  Hainanese Chicken Rice.


I had a lot of stock from boiling the chicken, so I made a tofu mushroom soup.




Monday – Lotsa leftovers from the weekend, so no cooking. 🙂



Tuesday – Meep mentioned a while back that I have not made fresh pasta in a while. So, I went out and walked around Safeway to see what I could pick up for a good pasta dish.

I ended up with some Asiago cheese and mushrooms. I remembered Sugarbowl (in Edmonton) used to have this simple pasta on their menu –

Asiago alfredo with mushrooms and chicken. I wanted to grill the chicken but Meep came home early, so I just pan fried it real quick.




Wednesday – Before class, I just made this 15 minute kimchi stew AND eggs w spam n onions. Oh how I love process meats.




Thursday – Made 3 different pizzas. I was experimenting with what I had in the fridge.

Bacon Cheeseburger inspired pizza. Recipe here.


This was my favourite of the 3. What’s not to like? meat, mushrooms, onions, bacon, cheese!!

Carbonara inspired pizza – Recipe here


I was surprised at how this one turned out. It actually tasted like a bite of carbonara… it was weird (in a good way)

Veggie alfredo pizza


Least favourite of the 3. The tomatoes made the dough a little soggy at parts, and it was kinda plain. Maybe I should have added more cheese~



Friday – This is my rendition of Momofuku’s pork belly.


Instead of just salt and sugar – I crusted the pork belly with 5 spice, sugar,  garlic powder, black pepper and salt AND instead of pickled cucumber, I pickled onions. Meep doesn’t like cucumbers, so he LOVED the onions.


Meep and I finished all these and 8 buns!!



Saturday – Breakfast for dinner! Best dinner of the week.


I made some strawberry compote w some frozen berries in my fridge. Then made a cinnamon fresh toast to go with it. Not forgetting whipped cream~


To add some savoury to this meal – bratwurst!!!



Next week, B & N are visiting from Edmonton. Can’t wait to go around and eat!

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