Pizza Time!

Finally made my very first pizza from scratch. Dough and all. I think it turned out really well cept for the fact that I did not have enough cheese. =( I used Tyler Florence’s dough recipe and instead of regular salt, I used garlic salt. NUMMMYYYY

Meep helping me with the dough~

Letting the dough sit and rise…

After an hour = nice, pouffyy and double its original size!

The ingredients for our pizzas~

Meep attempting to toss the dough. We both failed miserably!

Putting some homemade pizza sauce on our first pizza – Italian sausage, onions, mushrooms n mozzarella cheese

We ended up adding cheddar cheese as well coz of the sad amount of mozzarella…

Next – BBQ pizza sauce w chicken, red n green peppers and green onions w cheddar!!!

And the final products after popping int he oven for 10 mins at 425F~

What an awesome way to spend a 4 day Thanksgiving weekend! Cooking and eating away!!!

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