Delux Burger Bar – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Met up with Meeps’ bestit MF & his cute familia over the holidays. MF has a thing for burger joints and diners (which I love myself) and so when he suggested Delux, I was excited to try it out (MF knows his burgers).

The place is pretty contemporary for a burger place:

Menu is a one pager with a dozen or so burger combinations, some salads, lots of different sides (various types of poutine) and some kids options as well.

This post is a little late so this special would not apply but I do want to point out that they do have monthly specials and so we ordered it.

The Mocheesemo Burger $14

Grilled 7oz Alberta bison, feta, roasted red peppers, sliced tomatoes, arugula, dijonnaise on whole wheat flat bread. (we substitute the flat bread for regular burger bun)

Since we don’t live in Alberta anymore, it was only appropriate to order the bison~ I can’t say I was crazy about the burger, it was good but a little too lean for me. It was slightly gamey like bison should be and lightly seasoned. I thought the dijonnaise was nice with the burger~

The Delux $12.50

7oz Heritage Angus beef, blue cheese, caramelized onions, portabella mushroom, crispy bacon, chipotle mayo on a fresh baked bun

I enjoyed this way more than the bison. The beef was juicy and moist, grilled to a nice medium. The blue cheese was not overpowering, instead it more of an cheese sauce and runny but  it was great! With the nice thick cut mushrooms, sweet onions and chiptole mayo; this burger is a winner! The bacon was thick cut and actually kinda cold; so it was a tad tougher than crispy.

Onion Ring $7.50

Decent onion rings. Kinda skimpy for $7.50 but they are well made. Light crispy batter with sweet onions but a little too greasy. (gotta give them props for the freaking awesome shopping carts!)

The Italian 1/2 order $8

Fresh cut fries, cheese curds, braised meatballs zesty tomato sauce

Not bad, the fries were very crispy with nice chunks of cheese curds. I didn’t care much for the braised meatballs that tasted way too processed (like frozen meatballs from IKEA). The tomato sauce was tangy and not


Regular Coke $3
Stewart Pop $3.50
Coffee $3



Total Damage: ~$25 -$30 per person for a burger, a side and a drink.

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

Everything was really good albeit pricey as whole, the total bill for four burgers, two sides, 4 drinks including tax was a whopping $80! I found the burgers to be one of the best in Edmonton. Great ground meat with fresh ingredients. The sides were good as well, eventhough it was a little pricier than most. Actually, the whole menu was a little pricey for a burger joint BUT they were excellent quality and well prepared ingredients.

Service was good. Greeted when we entered, got our menus and was given ample time to decide. Our server was personable and very efficient. Food was served shortly after ordering, all piping hot!

I noticed this place was very kid friendly as well~



Delux Burger Bar

9682 142 St NW
Edmonton, AB
T5N 4B2

(780) 420 0101

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