Tropika Malaysian Cuisine (West) – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Tropika has been in Edmonton since I started living there a decade ago. It was always one of the places I go to when I am home sick (but not too often because it is considered pricey for a poor student). CL and I originally planned to dine at a German restaurant but made a last minute decision to eat at Tropika instead.

Menu is very extensive, with choices of meat, poultry, vegetable, seafood, rice, noodles and sides. Not to forget a nice array of authentic desserts as well.

For first timers, there are nice combination dinners that will introduce a range of local Malaysian favourites, which I think is brilliant.

We ordered:

6 Satays (Chicken, Pork and Lamb) $6

The satays were pretty good – nice char and smokiness. Marinated with the traditional spices with a sweet salty note. I didn’t care much for the peanut sauce that it is served with. Kinda like a runny, chunky peanut butter sauce with random spices. The chicken was the favourite, pork texture was weird from marinating for too long and the lamb was all fat.

2 orders Roti Canai $9

Best appetizer that is always a must a Tropika! I always find it shocking that this cost $4.50 each considering they are $0.60 in Brunei but I just had to order it. Flaky, chewy with crispy exterior. Pretty good roti. A must try if you have never had roti from SEAsia because it tasty. If you are expecting the ones that you get in SEAsia, then you might be a tad disappointed especially for $4.50 per piece.

Dry Shrimp Pomphret $17.50

CL ordered this more out of curiousity. This is definitely not for the faint of heart – the dried shrimp is very pungent and salty. The fish was coated with flour and deep fried – moist flaky white fish with nice crispy crust. Very good with rice.

Beef Rendang $14

The beef was a tad disappointing – the meat was stringy and quite tough. The spices were spot on (cardamon, cinnamon, coconut and more) but it was way too salty.  I could not eat more than a few pieces eventhough I am a huge fan of rendang.

Lamb Curry $14

The lamb curry is my favourite dish to order at Malaysian restaurants.  The meat was so tender with pieces of fat that melted in the mouth. The sauce was great over rice, but way too salty after a couple bites. If the salt was reduced, this would be great – nice curry spices that are all infused with nice coconut milk, so it is rich and packful of flavours with a nice kick of heat. I did find the lamb to be way too fatty and not a lot of meat but I am all about the sauce over rice.

Thai Style Kang Kong $15

The Kang Kong was great – nice crunch stalks. Simply tossed with some garlic and seasoning (I think it is fish sauce). Pretty good, but I do prefer the Belacan version coz it has more flavour. This version is way lighter.

Spicy Spinach $13

The spicy spinach is definitely spicy! Tossed with dried shrimp – salty, shrimpy and spicy and cooked very well. The stalks still had a little crunch, with nice tender leaves.

Bubur Cha Cha $4.50

Rich, thick coconut milk base with bits of sweet potato, taro, tapioca pearls. Pretty standard and tasty~

Pulut Hitam $4.50

Delicious! Wild rice pudding, mixed with sweet coconut cream and tapioca. The wild rice had husks on them, giving the dessert little buts of nutty rice to chew on. I can’t describe it well but it is great!


Smoothie $6
2 orders Hainanese Chicken Rice $6 – My favourite rice dish. Cooked with chicken stock, ginger and screwpine (pandan). Delicious!
Steamed Rice $2.50
Coconut Rice $3 – Subtle flavours of coconut milk. Great with curries.



Total Damage: $120.75 (including tax, without tip)

Personal Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (Average)

I found all the dishes to be too salty. The flavours and seasoning was definitely there, and tasted authentic BUT the excessive salt in all the dishes ruined our dining experience.  I don’t know if it is just an off day for the evening. The South Side location was way better in terms of seasoning for the dishes.

Service was a tad lacking, it took a good fifteen minutes or more before we were greeted by a server for orders. As the dishes were served, we rarely saw our server and there really was not much of a service provided other than getting orders taken and bill given.

I find it hard to dine here again considering the exact same dishes are served at another location with better food and service.




14921 Stony Plain Rd NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T5P 4W1

(780) 487 6668

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  1. […] Since the time  I lived in Edmonton over half a decade ago, Tropika was a popular dining spot. Back then, being a poor student it was more of a special occasion spot and not an every day place. I was happy to know they are still operating well and the food is just as good.  I didn’t enjoy my experience at the West location much but let’ s see how the South Location did. Other experience here. […]

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