Ristorante Allegria – Napa, CA

Was roaming around downtown Napa trying to decide where to eat. Meep saw the huge restaurant, Zins Valley and suggested we eat there. But while we were walking there, I noticed Ristorante Allegria right next door.

I preferred Italian to “American cuisine” so Allegria it is (what is American cuisine anyways?).

The outside was beautiful, they also have a tiny patio on the side.

I was pleasantly surprised when we walked in the door.

There are “balcony” seats and comfortable booths and tables all ove the ground floor.

Not to mention, a huge wine selection. Well, this is Napa Valley. None of us got wine because we just got there from wine tasting and was headed to another winery after lunch.


We got a couple appys to share:

Calamari Fritti – $9.50

The calamari came with deep fried beans and artichokes, served with a bell pepper- chipotle aioli. Nothing exciting ( I mean, it is deep fried squid) but fried well and the batter was light.


Carpaccio – $9.50

Thinly sliced beef filet, topped with capers, arugula, Parmigiano Reggiano & whole grain mustard sauce.

This dish surprised me. The beef was buttery and melt in your mouth. The cheese was a little overwhelming but the beef was perfect with the capers and onions.


For our mains –

Potato Gnocchi al Pesto with chicken– $15

Pine nuts, basil and pesto cream sauce. I am usually not a fan of gnocchi because most places serve “Dense” gnocchi. When I took a bite of this, I could not stop. The gnocchi was literally pillowy soft and light. No complaints with this dish.


Parpadelle Allo Zafferano – $17

Fresh homemade Saffron pasta, jumbo prawns with wild mushrooms, artichoke hearts, finished with roasted shrimp bisque.

My favourite! Meep thought the losbter bisque made the dish a little odd but I loved it. The lobster bisque was really rich and the mushrooms and artichokes were really tasty. The prawns were a little overcooked BUT I am all about the pasta, so it did not matter. I love the texture of the silky fresh pasta absorbing all the sauce.


Penne con Pollo – $14

Penne pasta with marinated chicken breast sauteed, sun dried tomatoes, sweet corn in chipotle basil sauce.

The sauce was very rich and almost tasted like it had a little curry in it because of the Chipotle and Basil. It felt a little heavy after a few bites but has good flavours.


Saltimbocca Di Vitello – $17

Veal scallopini layered prosciutto on soft polenta, sauteed spinach with a pearl onion demi glaze.

I didn’t try this dish but N liked it. I tried the polenta and decided I was not a big fan of polenta. N said the veal was really tender and moist. :) That is a good sign, right?



B got the lunch box menu, which is an awesome deal for $15. A choice of salad, a few simple pastas (penne con pollo, spaghetti alla bolognese) or sandwiches, ending with a gelato or sorbet for dessert.

I also tried the bellini (Prosecco w peach puree), which was really tasty! Was too full to try any dessert but they have a decent selection.


Total Damage – $130 (drinks, tax & tips)

Personal rating – 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

Overall, the restaurant served good quality food for very reasonable prices. I expected the restaurant to be pricier from the look of the place but was impressed at what I saw, considering we were in downtown Napa.




Ristorante Allegria

1026 First Street Napa
CA 94559

707 254 8006

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