221 South Oak Restaurant, Telluride, CO

Recently, we were lucky enough to be taken on a ski getaway to Telluride, Colorado with my in-laws. S wanted to take me to dinner one evening, so we walked around the town and stumbled across 221 South Oak Bistro. My request was something truffle-y, and sure enough, the menu stated ‘truffle’ so I was in! Not to mention that the chef at 221 South Oak Bistro was none other than Eliza Gavin. You may or may not recognize her from Top Chef Seattle!

Take a look at the menu:




Complimentary Bread

Sourdough and honey wheat bread. Nothing special, but nothing to complain about.

Rock Shrimp & Crab Fritters with Sriracha Aioli & Soy Dipping Sauce

We were unsure about these little guys, but as soon as we took a bite, we were sold! This dish was super delicious, and the sriracha aioli was a great compliment to the fritters. We loved the creativeness of this dish, and it was a really nice surprise to our taste buds 🙂

Rocky Mountain Rib Eye Elk with Goji Berry and Pear Reduction and a Cheddar Stuffed Potato

S had the elk and was not that impressed by it. I had a taste and it was alright. We had high hopes for this dish, and S really likes all kinds of exotic meats, but this one was a little bit disappointing. He even left some on his plate, and didn’t take it home! That says a lot.

Angus Flat Iron Steak with Truffle Potatoes

I opted for the steak and substituted in the truffle potatoes. The steak was only okay, nothing special and the truffle potatoes were a huge disappointment. The truffle taste was non existent, and the potatoes were under cooked for my liking.


Molten Chocolate Cake

We were debating between the Molten Chocolate Cake and the Carrot Cake, but the server suggested the chocolate cake. Again, it was nothing to write home about. It was pretty standard. I wish we ordered the carrot cake instead.

The Damage

Total Damage: $103.78(including tax, no tip).

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Good)

I was debating rating this lower, but the appetizer was good and creative. The service was pretty good, no complaints, but nothing memorable.

We probably wouldn’t recommend people going here, not because the food is terrible, but because the value isn’t there.

We had higher hopes for this Top Chef, but unfortunately, she did not deliver. Perhaps it was an off night, but nonetheless, it was a little bit disappointing.

221 South Oak Restaurant

221 South Oak,
Telluride, CO 81435

(970) 728 9507

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