Crawfishaholic – San Jose, CA

First time I had bags and bags of seafood in spicy cajun seasoning was Crawdaddy’s. Since then, Meep and I were HOOKED!!! It was awesome and so primitive. So I started looking around for other similar establishments.

Got a $25 certificate for free so we figured why not try out Crawfishaholic in San Jose.

When B & N visited,we needed a place that opened late for dinner and this place was perfect!

The menu was a simple one pager. With all kinds of seafood; some with different options of seasoning like cajun, tamarind, garlic butter or singapore style.

We ordered:

Sea combo $22.95

crawfish, shrimp, clams, mussels, crab, corn and sausage

I have to say – this was pretty bad. The clams and mussels were not fresh at all; crab tasted like frozen legs, corn and everything was WAY TOO SALTY.

Not just a little salty but VERY salty. The only good parts were the shrimp and sausage.


Crab Boat combo – $33.99

Dungeness, King, Snow & Blue crab, corn, sausage and potato.

Nothing good in this one either – way to salty and everything tasted pre-frozen. And it was saturated with the salty seasoning, as though the crabs were sitting (cooked) in it for hours.


Garlic butter shrimp – $9.95

We all decided the shrimp was the only good part of the meal so we order an extra pound. This time avoiding the over salty cajun seasoning.


Cajun Fries $2.95

Can’t really screw up fries~



Best way to end a meal – in TOTAL mess~




Total damage – About $90 for drinks, tax and tip.

Overall rating : 1.5 out of 5 (pretty bad)

Would never go back to this place… and won’t recommend it either. Service was fine and pricing was fine but the food was a scary thought.

I don’t know if it was because we got there on late Thursday and the cajun seasoning/broth for boiling the seafood was just reduced to salt? or whether that is the usual standard – I won’t return to find out.




Crawfishaholic Seafood Restaurant

1011 E Capitol Expy
San Jose, CA 95121

(408) 225-8888

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