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I have been a little slacking on review and this one is a little late since my visit to Austin was back in May.  But there is no way I have forgotten how much fun and all the good food Austin has to offer.  First thing I did was revisit my pictures for Juan in a Million and had a nice walk down memory lane of the tasty offerings.

Our first visit was just a quick take out of about a dozen breakfast tacos, hoping to be fed while we waiting in line for Franklin’s BBQ.  It was sooo tasty that we bailed on a fancy brunch to eat here.

When I first saw this place, it looked like I was thrown to some old 1980’s movie scene.  I didn’t get to take a photo of the surrounding and the building itself but the area it was located in was quiet and desert looking but then the restaurant itself was packed!

The menu is pretty extensive but clearly indicates what their specialty/favourites are and we made sure to order them all.

The moment we sat down, we were served some complimentary salsa and  chips.

I loved the chips! It was nothing like the chips we normally get out of the bags or in the Mexican restaurant in California.  The salsa was way too spicy for me but all the other ladies loved it.

We ordered:

Guacamole Salad $2.25

Served on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes and cheese

Not the most traditional guacamole but I am not gonna complain! Such a generous amount of guacamole on a bed of lettuce to give it some extra crunch and SOOOOO good with the complimentary chips. It tasted awesome!

Don Juan Breakfast Special $6.95

A secret combination of potato, egg, bacon and cheese in a hot tortilla

Such a heavy dish that should not be consumed by one person!  It was one of the highly recommended dishes that we just HAD to order.  The amount of food on this place could make about 6 tacos, it was sooo good!  Simply scrambled egg and random breakfast ingredients with their seasoning and melted cheese.

Con Queso breakfast $9.25

Two eggs served any stle with queso, carne guisada, refried beans, potatoes and two flour tortillas

One of my favourite dishes!! It was so sinful, with an insane about of queso and eggs.  It doesn’t look the best but if you like cheeze whiz or cheesey nacho dip – this is the dish for you.  The seasoned country style hash and sauce-y tender beef chunks were sooo good!  I would love that meat stew on rice, it was so full of flavour – salty, fatty with a hint of spice.  I don’t know much about mexican spices so am not doing a very good job at explaining what the food is like but it is DELISH!

Chicken Enchiladas $8.95

With tomatillo green sauce

To be honest, this is my first enchilada so I don’t know what to expect but it was DELICIOUS! The shredded moist chicken rolled in a soft tortilla and soaked in a green sauce that had a nice kick to it.  The refried beans was not aesthetically pleasing but tasted good! It was went well with the rice and fresh lettuce n tomatoes.

Taco Salad $6.95

Beef or chicken tossed into a green salad with tomatoes, cheese on a crispy shell bowl

This is probably the least favourite of my dishes – especially since it is quite similar to the guacamole salad but has more lettuce and some minced meat.  And the taco shell just didn’t look appealing.  I would stick to the chips and guacamole salad~


On our first visit, we tried:

Chorizo with egg, Bacon with Egg and Barbacoa Tacos for $2.25 each.

My favourite was the Barbacoa taco coz it was moist with tender chunks of meat and egg and so full with flavour! The second on my list was the chorizo but it definitely had a kick to it, and with the killer salsa they give you – it was definitely intense.



Total Damage: ~$10 – $12 per person

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5

What an amazing deal and  food for breakfast! This is the best hangover kinda food and also just for a low key morning.  The service is a bit on the slow side but they are packed on the two days we stopped by.  Portions are massive and just simple well prepared Tex Mex breakfast!  We enjoyed everything we ordered and barely made a dent in some of the dishes but I can’t complain!



Juan in a Million

2300 E Cesar Chaves St
Austin, Texas 78702

(512) 472 3872

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