99 Chicken – Santa Clara, CA

I have been wanting to try out 99 chicken since M raved about it several times. Finally went when S & A suggested korean fried chicken for our regular dinner “dates”. I don’t know much about korean fried chicken but I have been told that 99 chicken serves very authentic ones. Their sweet spicy sauce was a crowd pleaser~

Located on a strip mall, even with a gps, we missed it (it doesn’t help that all the signs look alike!)

When we sat down, we were presented w menu with about 5 pages (several items no longer served crossed out)

Best item to order:

Combination plate – $14.99

10 pieces of chicken – half w a light salt & pepper sprinkle and another drenched in their sweet spicy sauce.

This is perfect so that you get to appreciate the nice crispy skin of the plain version and the very sweet savoury version of the sauce-y version.


5 pieces of fried chicken – $6.99

I love love love this version of the fried chicken. I find that the sauce-d up version tend to be too much after 1 piece but I was able to polish of 4 pieces of this easy! The chicken gets to the table piping hot with ultra crispy skin and very juicy insides.


Kimchi Fried Rice $7.99

Fried rice with little bits of kimchi, pork and a fried egg.

This dish can be a little consistent, 1st visit; I loved it but the 2nd time around, the rice was a little goopy.


Hot spicy chicken platter – $14.99

8 pieces of chicken in extra spicy sauce.

This version is a little deceiving – on  the first bite, it was not THAT spicy then after a few  bites, the heat creeps up on your throat. Way tooo spicy for me but perfect for my friend, V.


There is complimentary salad, rice, pickled radish, corn and tea on the side.

I got the beer and it came in a frosted glass! yummmmm…




Total damage – about $15 per person

Personal rating – 3.5 out of 5 (Pretty darn good)

Pretty onfusing ordering system and sketchy service. Here is why:

Incident 1:

I don’t know how the ordering system works – they have a policy of a minimum of a 10 piece platter for 2 people. There was 4 people on our first visit and we could order a 10 piece platter and a 5 piece. The second visit – w 2 people, when I tried to order a 5 piece platter and a hot spicy platter, he insisted we ordered the combination platter. =S

It is pretty confusing but I think they have some policy about minimum orders of fried chicken depending on the size of the group.

Incident 2:

V loves spicy food and thought the regular version was not spicy enough. When we tried to order the spicy version; the owner did  not want to serve it. He kept insisting this is waaaayyy to spicy for us and we should stick w regular. I tried to be nice and not rude when I insisted he doesn’t know how much heat my friend can take. It was such a joke. It took me over 7 minutes before I convinced him to prepare this.

He was then genuinely surprised as my friend, V polished off the “very spicy” chicken with a smile.




99 chicken

2781 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95051

(408) 244-5599

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