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While waiting for my banana-choc-walnut loaf to bake, I figured I might as well write a review on Sushi Infinity. Sushi Infinity is a Japanese restaurant that offers All-You-Can-Eat, which just opened up at the end of Oct.


For dinner AUCE – $24.95 and Lunch is $16.95

Meep and I went there a couple weeks after they opened and was really surprised at the quality of sushi. For a all-you-can-eat place, their raw fish were fresh and they did not load up on the rice. We thought it might be just because they just opened but we went there 2 more times and more recently mid December and was still happy.

One downside to their all you can eat, is that there is not Sashimi platters (only nigiri) and there are no cooked items (like tempura, teriyaki, udon).

Here is a list of what we have tried

Antony roll – soft shell crab, imitation crab,green leaf inside. Topped with tuna, albacore, avocado and a mayo teriyaki glaze… mmmmMMMmmm


Sushi lover roll – Deep fried spicy tuna roll AND Antony roll (January smaller version)


Tokyo roll (far right) – In: Oshinko, Salmon, Hamachi. Top with: Variety of Raw Fish, Ikura, Scallion.

Super california roll – In: Imitation crab and avocado. For the top you have a choice of salmon, hamachi or tuna

SakeSI11More tokyo roll pics


si15Look at the deliciously marbled salmon…. on the top is hamachi (yellow tail)


UFO baked roll – normal california roll topped with baby scallops, mayo and teri sauce – baked!

oh look at the insane amount of baby scallops! they are not skimpy for sure. But I am not a big fan of the california rolls here coz there crab feels mushy. I think they use the food processor to chop it up and overdoes it each and every time. =(


The next is called Piston Cup – Spicy tuna roll topped with scallops and tempura crisps. They also drizzled sesame oil on this, which I found to be overwhelming. I think it would have tasted better without the sesame oil.

spicey tunaspicy tuna

Beef tataki – meep really enjoyed this. I wasn’t a big fan coz I foudn it hard to chew the really fatty meat and could not swallow such a big bite.


Chopped scallop cone – I can’t get over how generous they are in each item. I mean.. this is all you can eat… AND it is not shit quality. Pretty good BUT obviously not Vancouver good. ^o^


masago quail egg


Ikura quail egg – this was a little too slimy for me – the egg and just the stuff popping out of the eggs.. not pleasant.


Sake, Hamachi, Saba and Tai nigiri. All yummy and very fresh tasting. No fishiness at all.


We have also tried their Lion King baked roll – California topped w salmon and special mayo. In my opinion, their baked rolls have too much mayo… Between the two of us, we felt a little queasy from the mayo after having either the lion king or UFO (on two different occasions).

(went to sushi california again mid January and their portions are smaller but better coz we got to try more and UFO was better coz it had way less mayo)


Their shrimp tempura nigri was really tasty. The shrimp was still warm and crispy when it got to our table…


Miso soup was average (nothing special)… and lastly

green teaThis green tea ice cream was different. It was not your typical green tea ice cream but was perfumey. It was weird at firs then the more I ate the more I liked it…

There you have it!




Personal Rating – 3 out of 5 (Good)

They need more cooked items on their AYCE menu. It consists of only nigri sushi and rolls. Service is usually very efficient.s




Sushi Infinity

975 The Alameda
Ste 80
San Jose, CA 95126

(408) 298-5888

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