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While looking for a late night dessert/bubble tea place, we found Hello Desserts. I think it is asian run – they offer a range of deep fried snacks, european cakes, asian inspired desserts & puddings, coffees, teas and cold drinks.

After about 4 visits, these are what we have tried:


Top Sellers : Willow Dew $4.85

Mango, Grapefruit and sago sweet soup

I was expecting this cold dessert soup that would resemble what I had in London and Vancouver (normally topped with Pomelo) but this was a frozen slushy. The grapefruit bit was pitiful (about an inch in size); and the sago was just a huge giant clump BUT it is very very tasty.


Top Sellers: Chocolate Lava Cake $4.95

Was quite underwhelmed by this dessert – it tasted good and all, the sorbet was a nice compliment BUT I think they nuked it for a little too long because the centre was barely gooey.


Triple Chocolate Mousse – $4.75

One of my least favourites. The mousse was so pretty but the white chocolate and milk chocolate layer was way too sweet. The dark chocolate layer was very good. So we barely finished this one.


Top Sellers: Tiramisu $4.95

Pretty good tiramisu (mind you, this is probably a more asian rendition). There isn’t a strong coffee or mascarpone flavour BUT it is good in asian terms~


Hazelnut Tart $4.95

This had very good hazelnut flavour but overall not that great. It has yummy crunchy bits but one layer came off as soggy and I can’t figure out what it is!


Top Sellers : Snow Azuki $3.95

Handcrafted sweetened Red Bean paste and sago as the base, topped with chef special milk slush and Green Tea ice cream.

One of my favourites because I love green tea ice cream AND red bean. Overall, pretty tasty if you like any of the two BUT when mixed together, you can’t really taste the green tea.


Mango Moo

Fresh mango, Italian mango sorbet, naturally flavoured milk – topped with fresh mango bits.

This just tasted like a huge cup of mango pulp and the tropical jelly was not very good.

Meep paid 50 cents more for the large.Then I noticed that the larger size may be taller but it is skinnier than the regular size; so it pretty much holds the same amount as the regular!!!


Top Seller: Hello Profiterole! $2.99

Cream puff filled with custard and vanilla bean ice cream. The ice cream caused the custard to become a little too cold resulting in a weird texture. On their own, the custard n ice cream tasted good but the cream puff was very subpar.


We also tried the Tofu Pudding w Red Bean – $4.85

This is not a pretty dessert, can be ordered cold or hot. The tofu pudding was silky and the red bean was sweet enough to give the whole dessert a good balance.



Personal rating : 3 out of 5 (Pretty good)

There are more misses than hits BUT it opens late, and there are so many items I have yet to try. SO take this rating with a grain of salt~




Hello Desserts

1698 Hostetter Rd
San Jose, CA 95131

(408) 453-5566

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