Housewife’s Tale episode 49

Busy week of eating and hanging out with friends~ I am seriously in need of some “kitchen” time~ It is definitely time to pull out my pasta maker and get down and dirty! I cooked 3 meals in 7 days?!! How depressing….

Here is the busy, lazy week recap…


Sunday – Meep and I went with S & A to Berkeley for some Thai food at a Buddhist Temple. Sounds weird? We thought so~ Apparently the money that this temple makes from food sales goes into maintaining it.


They have long tables and plastic chairs set up, and then long buffets of food. Another more detailed post to come. For now, this is some of the stuff we ate :

Pad thai


Beef panang curry and chicken curry


and… Mango sticky rice!!



Dinner was…


Panko crusted crispy pork chops served with rice and a side of curry sauce. I wanted crispy fried pork chops but could not decide on what kind of sauce to use; ended up making a quick 5 minute Japanese Curry Sauce.




Monday – Horrible cooking day. I picked up a mackerel from the store and they guy BUTCHERED it! He broke all the bones around the sides. My fish fell apart when I was frying it. =( But it tasted fine~



Tuesday – went out for lunch w V. She has been craving korean fried chicken and I knew she would love 99 chicken. We totally pigged out!

Started off with some kimchi fried rice.


Combination platter of salt pepper chicken and spicy chicken. Best fried chicken (2nd to Churchs’, of course).



Lady Gaga was performing in the HP and I went with A and a few of her friends. After the intense Lady Gaga concert – went out for a late dinner of MORE korean at Rumors. I was not a big fan of their food but these 3 are the decent ones out of 6.



Budae Jiigae


Kimchi and Tofu




Wednesday – Fried kwae tiau (Chow fun) with beef and fish balls. Recipe to come!!!



Thursday – Soy sauce chicken and pea shoots. I ran out of ideas and haven’t really been inspired to cook. It is sad that cooking is starting to feel like an obligation more than something I want to do. Maybe it is coz I haven’t found something new and exciting to try…




Friday –  A whole 1 1/2 lb of roast pork for momofuku pork buns! YUMMMM




Saturday – Meep and I actually woke up early to run some errands AND even made it for brunch at Bill’s Cafe!! I have been raving about this place to him and he finally got to try the food!!

I ordered a 5 ingredient omelet that I loaded with chorizo, sausage, bacon, avocado and onions. My omelet had sooo much meat that I think it weighed a little over a pound~


Meep got the bread pudding french toast with sunny side up eggs and sausages.


For dinner, we met up with Mr N & wifey for MORE korean. I need to start looking for non korean/japanese favourite places to eat! We headed over to Choi’s Kitchen and got:



Seafood Tofu stew


Seafood dolsot bibimbap


AND kalbi tang




A lot of eating out this week (korean 3 times!) and late nights but a very good week~ I have to start REAL cooking next week..

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