Scott’s Seafood – San Jose, CA

OMG, where do I start. I have to say, this is one of the first “unique” experiences in an “supposed”  nice restaurant like this. Mind you, Scott’s is no Michelin star restaurant but they have held other awards AND there are about 5 of them spread out around California.

When we walked in, I surprised at how big this restaurant was. Meep mentioned that it reminded him of Tarantino’s at Fisherman’s Wharf.

Being a “bay area” classic since 1976, I had certain expectations for this place… but…. This is what happened in our first 20 minutes after being seated.

Meep and I had a Groupon that we needed to use up. We figured, today was a good time as ever to celebrate my 1 yr housewife status. We had planned to splurge and so the $30 off (the $60 groupon cost us $30), that would just be a bonus.

So we got seated, then waited…. and waited…. and waited… for our server. About 15 minutes in total before a guy asked us for drink orders (but not food because he is not our waiter). I was getting a little annoyed.

While we were waiting, we saw a server arguing with a manager. Then they disappeared after noticing us STARING at them, and to continue their argument elsewhere. When they both came back, we realised that the angry server was OUR server. What a bad first impression. He knew we were waiting and he was arguing in front of us for over 10 minutes!!

When he came over, he did not apologise and was NOT gracious at all. When he knew of our groupon, he abruptly told Meep that Meep could not order the daily special.

Meep tried to explain to him that we are going order over $60 worth of food (excluding the lobster) and that he was willing to pay regular price (he said, whatever it takes) because he felt like lobster. He just said it could not happen and was HORRIBLE about it. He said we could not combine special and a groupon BUT if we are going to pay regular price, how is that a special? We won’t benefiting by not getting the “promotional” price.

Meep asked for the manager who understood what we were saying:  we didn’t care if we had to pay regular price because MEEP WANTS LOBSTER. The manager informed us that because of how “cheap” the lobster is on that daily special menu, it is a promotional price. So I asked, what is the regular price? we will pay that. He then realised what we were saying and said “of course, we can do that” .HOLY CRAP!!!! that took long enough…

What a disaster, we requested that we be served by someone else. So the manager served us for half the meal; followed by the bartender.

I started off with a glass of Saint M Reisling (2008) $9.

A German wine that is pretty darn yummie! I asked the bartender what it was and he was gracious enough to bring me to bottle and told me I could order them online. I needed this to cool off after that debacle with the lobster.


Fried Calamari $9.50

w Lemon Shallot Beurre Blanc

This dish was pretty blah. The beurre blanc was totally weird and did not compliment the calamari. Meep said it tasted like canned cream of mushroom, nuff said.

Overall under-seasoned but perfectly fried and a generous portion.


Steamed Manila Clams $14.50

in Garlic, white wine and parsley broth

This was a decent dish. The clams were cooked perfectly (a couple fishy pieces but the rest were fresh) and seasoned well. I enjoyed dipping my bread in the broth. Generous portion too!


Alaskan Halibut $26.95

w Yukon Gold Potatoes, Roasted Garlic Asparagus Cream Sauce

This was both good and bad. I loved the halibut and the cream sauce, it literally melted in my mouth because it was so fresh and cooked so well. That being said, the potatoes were inedible because it was like taking a bite of lemon~ I ended up only eating the fish and part of the sauteed mushroom, artichoke and spinach on the bottom (which were sour as well from the artichokes and lemon)

I can’t get over how delicious the fish was but everything else was so off.


Maine Lobster (1 lb) $34.95

w Roasted Red Potatoes and Grilled Asparagus

Finally – the lobster. I told Meep that this better be darn good lobster. LOL

Meep really enjoyed his dish. The potatoes and asparagus were really good. We thought the lobster was a little overdone, but that could be because it was sitting under a heat lamp while we took forever to finish our appys.

I found it odd that the butter was not kept warm on the cute little holders with a tea light under it. Meep didn’t care and finished his whole lb of lobster with a huge grin.


Apple Sundae $7.50

French Vanilla ice cream, Hot fudge and Pecan praline

This was odd, the dessert didn’t have the hot fudge or praline. It had warm apple compote… I didn’t realise this till I started blogging about this. Not a bad dessert, the vanilla bean gelato was a little too sweet halfway through but it was oh so creamy.


Gelato $7

Brownie flavour

This  was decent and not too sweet BUT a little grainy. And the cocoa grainy feeling stays at the back of the throat. I kept teasing Meep about how his gelato taste like Breyer’s ice cream!




Total damage – $147.41 (including 2 coffees and tip). With our $30 off for the groupon, it was $117.41.

Overall personal rating – 2.25 out of 5 (Below Average)

This is taking into account that the server left a bad taste in my mouth from the very beginning. Although the manager took over and then a very sweet bartender, it didn’t help that they had lacked professionalism in the first 15 minutes from us being seated.

The food was a hit and miss. Every dish had a plus BUT also a minus. none of them were just purely good as a whole. That being said, the seafood we had was really fresh and mostly cooked really well.

I wouldn’t return because we have so many choices in the bay area (with better service)  BUT Meep said he would. He thought the food was overall above average ( I thought it was very average) but we both agreed the freshness was irrefutable .




Scott’s Seafood

185 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95113

(408) 971-1700

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