My History with coffee

Ong family members grew up drinking amazing Java coffee bought in Miri. Unlike most families where kids were not allowed caffeine because it is bad for you, our family encourages it. Don’t get me wrong, it is not like they funnel coffee into our mouths- but  the adults never said “No coffee, drink milo/milk”, instead there were always pots of coffee available at every Ong family at any time of the day.

In the mornings, at any family event, giant pots of coffee is refilled over and over as I see my uncles stream in one by one and every one grabs a cup and fills it. Most of the kids drink it as well except a handful. (that was me growing up). Then every morning before going to school for as long as I remember, my auntie (nanny) fills up 3 cups of coffee to cool (for me n my sibs). With yummy black coffee that is always too sweet, I start my day!

So here I am,apparently a coffee snob. I don’t like the typical drip coffee we get here in North America coz they all have a sour taste to it. Mostly Colombian or Sumatra coffee… I make my mom get me bags of coffee from Miri, and either my friends or I bring it over to Canada over the past 7 plus years… but of course when I am desperate, I drink any type of coffee… I m a total b*tch when I don’t get my morning coffee.

I never ordered Americanos until my trip to the UK in 2007. I liked getting coffee in London and the rest of the UK. You don’t get just drip coffee, normally really light, plain coffee where they use maybe 10 oz to make a giant pot. blah… There, you get what we call Americanos. Espresso shots with equal amount of water, cost average of 2 pounds each.  (picture below- taken in a coffee place in Edinburgh ^_^)

I never knew much about coffee, I still don’t. But working at the Sugarbowl in 2005-2007 open my tastebuds to really good italian coffee. I learnt all about the difference between lattes, cappucinos, espressos and crema, good organic drip coffee, fresh ground coffee beans VS stale. It was a good experience. Then I got greedy (lol), I started wanting to be able to make these in the comfort of my own home… So Chris got me this for xmas few yrs back in Edm ( w a lil arm twisting on my part)

And of course, me being spoiled… I had to have the coffee grinder. For the longest time I was disappointed in its performance only to find out there was a scale of how coarse or fine you want your beans grounded… I guess I should read instruction manuals….

A couple years ago, Chris being the sweetheart he is (trying to say this w a straight face… jk!), he got me these coffee mugs that says *coffee *latte and *tea. All excited- he said to me “Now, I know what you are drinking depending on the cup you use!!”. lol… then I got huge mugs from IKEA and Sing bought me the Royal Doulton espresso cups.

So now, with these, I get good coffee in nice big cups/mugs the past few years~ Couple in the morning and sometimes before bed~

My lovely gaggia produced espresso (above) and latte (below), very frothy milk. mmmmMMMmmm  ^_^

most of the time I drink them black tho, slightly lactose intolerant.

There you have it— my love for coffee.

p/s: I still wanna try Kopi Luwak. Mena told us about it while we were traveling in Indonesia. I tried to buy some online but they cost up to $60/ 100 grams. Coffee beans that have been ingested and excreted by a type of cat… cleaned and roasted. lol… appealing huh?

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