TomiSushi – San Jose, CA

The last time I ate here was about a year ago w Meep; with Sushi Infinity across the street from us, we just got too lazy to venture further for sushi.

Came here again w V on Thursday night, and I have to say it is just as good as I remembered. They have a large array of items on 3 separate menus and on their walls. I noticed they have specials consisting of fish flown directly from Tsujiki Market in Japan.


We ordered:

Monkfish liver $9

I have never tried  monkfish liver before this point. I was surprised at how firm the texture of this liver was. It tasted very “metallic” yet smooth in consistency BUT was a little too fishy for me (even w the ponzu sauce)


Kobe beef tataki – $11.50

The beef was marbled nicely and seared very lightly – just enough to give it a nice smoky taste but remain perfectly blue rare for the tataki. I am so used to tataki swimming in ponzu; this beef was placed on a bed of radish and so we could dip as much/as little sauce as we like. My favourite tataki to date.


Uni Sushi

I was never a huge fan of uni but V said it was very fresh and she loved every bite of it.


Dragon Roll $10.50

Note: Amaebi head is part of the extra special chirashi that we just put on this same plate. 🙂

Roll with crab, shrimp tempura topped with unagi. I was impressed at how tasty this was even without being drowned in sauce like most places.

The roll was poorly made tho, it fell apart and the rice was not even throughout. Still very tasty~


Extra Special Chirashi – $28

This was pure perfection. Everything was so fresh and melted in my mouth. There was over a dozen different items in this bowl and the rice was kinda sweet. I am so used to overly vinegared sour rice that this was a nice change and it was topped with thin strips on nori. 🙂

Problem was; when it was put in front of us we were not even told what kind of fish was served. It was not that busy but the service is still very much lacking throughout our meal.



Total damage – $74 (inclusive of tax and one beer)

I have to remind myself that for this level of quality, this is pretty standard amount to pay in the Bay Area. Once I got over comparing it to prices in Vancouver; this price is worth the quality (in the Bay Area).

Personal rating – 3.5 out of 5 (Very good)

The sashimi is prepared VERY well and has been the tastiest that I have had. They have a real good selection and even have a variety of fish flown right from Japan.

The roll was not made as well as I expected, the taste is definitely good but it was rolled tight and well, it fell apart really easily. A very consistent place, eventhough my visit was 2 years apart; it is as good as I remembered.

Service is overall lacking in this place. If it was better service, it would definitely rate a little higher.



Tomi Sushi
4336 Moorpark Ave
San Jose, CA 95129

(408) 257-4722

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