Los Gatos Cafe – Los Gatos, CA

I have been hearing a lot about Los Gatos Cafe and their amazing potatoes from SK & A. So one weekend, when Meep was out of the country for work – SK & A took me out for brunch~

Los Gatos Cafe is popular with brunch lovers in the Bay Area, located in downtown Los Gatos which is a quaint little neighbourhood. We got there at about 11.30 and had to wait over 1/2 just to get a table.

I appreciated the little coffee dispenser outside to keep waiting customers happy~

Menu is very extensive with a range of everything breakfast related: Omelettes, benedicts, eggs, french toast, pancakes and even sandwiches.


The restaurant is bigger than I expected with a large patio.


We ordered:

Three Sausage Souffle Omelet $9.95 with Avocado $1.50

Served with potatoes (or grits) and a choice of bakery item

The name souffle omelet is very fitting! The omelets were flufflier than the average omelet. Serving was humongous with generous amounts of sausages, cheese and potatoes. Omelet was cooked well and still very moist.

The potatoes were delicious, seasoned well with butter, dill with crisped edges from the pan.


Chicken Apple Sausage Omelet $9.95

Omelet with chicken apple sausage, green onions, jack cheese and sundried tomato pesto served with pan fried potatoes

The chicken sausages in the omelet was delicious and the omelet was fluffly and moist. The jack cheese and pesto was a great compliment to the omelet.

Again, the potatoes had nice crisped char edges from the pan. The potatoes were seasoned well with a lot of butter, salt, pepper and dill.


Corned Beef Hash $8.50

served with herb potatoes (or grits) and a choice of bakery item

Corned beef hashwas good; with nice diced onions and generous amount of moist salty corned beef. Eggs cooked perfectly with great pan fried potatoes.


Raspberry Coffee Cake $2.25

We all chose the Raspberry coffee cake with our omelets and enjoyed it! It was warm, moist and crumbly. The expression melt in your mouth fits this piece of cake perfectly. This is surprising light, not very sweet and best with butter!




Total Damage: $18per person (including a drink, tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Pretty darn good)

The pan fried potatoes and in house baked goods are absolutely divine. The coffee was a huge disappointment so it was kinda hard to decide if I really like the place.




Los Gatos Cafe

340 N Santa Cruz Ave
Los Gatos, CA 95030

(408) 354-4647

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