Housewife’s Tale episode 58

Each week, I am less affected by the increasing number of episodes. I mean, the idea of being a housewife for even half a year used to scare the crap out of me. But now 58 weeks later, I am still quite enjoying this.

I am prolly not cooking and experimenting as much the past few months. We have been eating out more and with all the “supposed” studying, I got really lazy!

Hopefully I will get back to the experimentation groove soon and try out some new recipes from the Momofuku book I just finished reading soon! For now, here is week 58:


Sunday – Meep had a play date w Mr.N at his place. He got NHL2011 for Xbox and needed someone to play w. His wifey made us a nice Japanese beef curry.



Monday – Had to go to the post office to pick up a parcel, and on the way back I stopped by Food Maxx and picked up some staples. They had some fresh rotisserie chicken that just got brought out to the shelves. I picked up one. Made some fluffy mash seasoned w Lawry’s and aparagus.




Tuesday – Some breaded dijon pork chops. I failed to make it the crust crispy. 🙁 I managed to get it crispy when I made crispy pork chops for my Tonkatsu before. I decided to use up the rest of the asparagus and potatoes.




Wednesday – I didn’t cook and Meep had some instant noodles while I made him a chicken salad bagel for his lunch the next day.



Thursday – Ginger pork and onion omelet for dinner. 🙂 Quick dinner done in less than 30 minutes!



Friday – Was studying and slightly whiny. USPS screw up with 2 packages I sent home to Brunei and now I have no idea where they are. The tracking info ended when it left SF. Grrrrr

To cheer me up, Meep brought me to 99 chicken for some fried chicken!



Saturday – What a gloomy rainy day~ Meep got back from hockey soaking wet! I figured, what better way to feel warm and fuzzy than a nice bowl of ramen~

We head over to Santouka. Being Meep’s first visit to a ramen place, I ordered for him.

Extra pork salt flavour ramen for Meep.


Extra pork spicy miso ramen and a mini chashu rice bowl.


Pretty good dinner I must say. 🙂

Till next week~

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