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Another ramen joint Meep and I happened to end up at. We were planning to go to Halu Ramen but I misdirected him and we came to Kahoo instead (just a couple blocks away). I figured the food will be good since Mr N’s wife (who just moved here from Tokyo) said it was good and as authentic as it gets. :)


When we walked in, we were surprised at how small the place was. With about 6 people waiting for a table, there was no more room between the front door & dining area. I appreciated the fact that there was the menu tacked right in the waiting area – I could decide on what I wanted to order as I wait. You could watch the chefs in action from any table in the area.


Ontama Cha-shu $4.50

Cha-shu with soft boiled egg & onion

The egg. Oh, the egg!!! Everything about this dish was good. The pork was braised in some soy mixture and still had some jello like fat pieces along with lotsa meat. The egg yolk over the pork with the green onions made this dish pretty darn good~ We should have ordered a side of rice with this~


Kotteri Miso $8.95

Rich and garlicky miso broth w cha-shu pork, menma, egg, bean sprouts, onion

Meep polished this bowl of ramen sooo fast that it felt like my own bowl was never ended.

The good: The soup was thick, garlicky and delicious. I even called it gravy because of how much body and condensed it was!! If you want the definition of umami – you get it in this bowl of noodles. The noodles had just the right amount of bite to them. Great ratio of noodles to veggies to soup~ (You could even order more noodles for $2)

The bad: Meep wanted nice big slivers of pork but it came in little pieces that we can’t even see. The egg was a nice medium boiled but doesn’t look so great. It looked like it started off as a soft boiled egg that has been sitting out too long and the texture of the yolk changed.


I really wanted to try the Kokumaro Shoyu which is the soy based soup with pork back fat, deep fried garlic & gobo chips, sliced prok, egg and veggies BUT they were sold out. So I asked the waitress for a recommendation and she chose….

Kara Miso(Spicy Miso) $9.50

Spicy miso soup with sauteed vegetables and sliced pork

The good: The soup was delicious, it had a lot of body and yet wasn’t greasy or salty. Comes with a generous (and I mean GENEROUS) portion of cabbage, bean sprout, spinach, green onions and etc. I liked the veggies that came with it because it made the soup taste “healthier” (lol).

The bad: The noodles were too thin (at least for me). They kinda reminded me of wonton noodles more than ramen. And the sliced pork were just little slivers of overcooked pork. I was expected nice braised, melt in your mouth pork slices that I find in other ramen joints. There was more vegetables than noodles, I literally had to fish for my noodles mid way through my meal.




Total damage – $31 (including a coke, tax & tip)

Personal rating – 3.5 out of 5 (Pretty darn good)

Service is decent. We got there at about 8 pm but waited around for about 15 minutes before someone got to the door to address the growing line of diners. When we got seated, it took a while before our orders were placed. And this is a SMALL SMALL place. Less than 30 diners and the place is packed. It was hard to get to the table without bumping into someone eating.

Small and good menu (makes ordering simple) with decent prices. Food was served really fast though. And everything tasted good and satisfying. According to Meep – Satisfying but not mindblowing.




Kahoo Ramen

4330 Moorpark Ave
San Jose, CA 95129

(408) 255-8244

Kahoo Ramen on Urbanspoon

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