A housewife’s tale episode 15

Happy Holidays peeps! Another week has come and gone and by this time next week, it will be a whole new year! How time flies… man, I sound like an old lady~ Let’s do a recap~

Sunday – Meep and I went shopping at Gilroy~ But before all that exercise, we needed to fuel up on McDs!! Oh how I love fattening fast food… I had nuggets and a fish burger… Meep was content with just the nuggets~


WHen we got home from 5 plus hours of shopping, I popped the lamb into the oven. I marinated the lamb the night before~ I have been wanting to redo greek night in a while. So I made some hummus for Meep’s to snack on while we waited 3 hours for the lamb to roast~


I got these awesome cute mini a few days ago and could not help but roast some w the lamb so so so cute! look at how tiny they are~

So roast lamb w potatoes was a perfect way to end the night~ ^o^


Monday – I have been wanting to make carbonara for Meep for the longest time. I was gonna used dried spaghetti but realised I only had literally 8 strands of pasta. IF you can count the number of strands, that means it is not enough to feed 2 individuals~ lol

SO I obviously had to make some~ I have been wanting to try making some pasta w the bread flour I got. It made the pasta a lot chewier.. I don’t know if I like my noodles thay chewy.. I dint use enough eggs or cream but Meep really enjoyed this and ate the whole pound of pasta I made for 2 ppl!!! what a pig!

I also finally made this banana loaf that I have been promising Meep. We got the ingredients a week ago and I kept proscrasinating. I used this recipe but dint have proper measuring cups, mine turned up a little wet and took forever to bake…


Did i mention I used almost twice the amount of chocolate and walnuts. LOL I am horrible. I learnt my lesson and will follow baking recipes to a T from now on~
Tuesday – I marinated some chicken for shawarma on Monday! (yes, I do plan my meals the day before, some times even two days~). Used the hummus I made (added a lil more tahini) as dressing~ yum yum yum. I used this recipe as a guide and just added some curry powder to it~DSCF3419
I also cooked a whole chicken for chicken rice. Meep had a potluck for work and I made this for him. (cept for the fact on Weds, he found out the potluck was the next day and he left the food in the fridge for another day… sigh… food left in the fridge for two days. Not what I call fresh and nummy but oh well..)


I even deboned the whole thing for everyone’s convenience~ *pat on the back*

DSCF3437I need to learn how to package stuff better so they look good for potlucks. *sigh*

Wednesday – I love love love soup! I love love mushroom in soup! This soup recipe started out as a accident a few weeks ago and slowly after a couple tries of random stuff dumped into chicken stock… I found my favourite. Chicken, shitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, napa cabbage AND soft tofu!!!


Thursday – We had leftover chicken rice for dinner while I prepare the ingredients for Friday’s potluck. We were invited to Meep’s hockey buddy’s place for Xmas potluck. I decided to make spring rolls and puff pastry stuffed with sausage, cheese, mushrooms~
Friday – Christmas breakfast! more like brunch since we dint roll out of bed till past 1 pm!

Then I watched “the pacifier” on TV. No matter how much Meep loves me, he said he would not watched these kinda movies w me. LOL He did sit through a good ten mins before he just walked away. ah…love~ ^o^

Popped stuff in the oven~ and deep fried the springrolls. I tried frying them for a bit the night before and finished them off today. I totally regretted doing that. The springrolls seems a little dry. =(


Other goodies that were cooked at the potluck were; a really kickass prime rib, ham, braised chicken wings, chicken curry, salmon, cupcakes, cookies, biscotti… num num nummmmyy… I was not able to take the pics of the meat before it got butchered. I think we were all pretty hungry~ lol





And Meep and I got this cool alcohol pump from gift exchange. More junk into my collection. It was fun to pay w tho~ a cylinder for the alcohol and a little hose that has a spout like the ones in gas stations that you press to get the drink pouring out~


This christmas turned out pretty good considering I was worried about it being lonely without family and good friends~

Saturday – We ended up just lazing around ALL day. I have been watching this Hongkong drama series (Gem of Life) that is 82 episodes long (I don’t know why I do this to myself…). And then we ate instant noodles for dinner and some roti john for supper.

Roti John is a popular street food in Brunei. You could get a food long hotdog bun that is pressed on a grilled. And in it is some scrambled eggs, chopped onions, cucumber… and sweet chili and mayo for dressing. All for $2.50!!! Me likes!! Nothing glamourous but oh so heavenly!!


Ah… what a week. So much cooking but nothing to show for it. Till the new year everyone! HAPPY HOLIDAYSSSS

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