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Was surprised at how Dohatsuten looked when I first arrived at the parking lot. It was a little shack that looks like someone’s home. When we walked in, I noticed there were only roughly 10 tables in the place.

The deco is simple; with wooden stools and tables and an open kitchen. Menu is a simple 2 pager. 1 column of small plates, 1 column for drinks and the 2 page for ramen options~ I could not capture a decent picture of the menus so this is the best I’ve got:

The page dedicated to ramen comes w simple instructions: First, pick the type of ramen depending on the toppings and then pick a base for the soup. They also offer ramen sets, that includes a small rice bowl.


We ordered:

Hotate croquette $7

Sea Scallop and corn croquette

One of my favourite dishes of the night. The croquette was so creamy in the centre and crispy exterior. Problem was I did not taste of find any scallops. But if I was not expecting scallop, this dish is almost a perfect croquette.


Age Gyoza (6 pieces) $4.50

Pork & Chicken dumpling

I was surprised when my mouth started burning from the gyoza. It was pretty spicy. Not bad but tasted like any frozen package gyoza.


The next dish was quite interesting, the Iron Ya-ki-me-shi

You can get these hot iron bowls topped with rice, giving the bottom a nice crunchy bit (like in a paella). Then a choice of cod roe, chashu & kimchee, curry beef or unagi.

We got the Unagi Iron Ya-ki-me-shi $11

Crispy fried rice topped with grilled eel & pickles

I really enjoyed this dish. The unagi was perfect, moist and flavourful. The crispy crunch from the rice at the bottom of the bowl is fun and tasty.


Dohatsuten Ramen $7.99

Signature ramen with chashu, chinese chives, bean sprouts, spicy minced pork, bamboo shoots and korean chili in the tonkotsu broth

The broth was pretty good standard pork broth. The noodles were so silky and I loved the texture of it. Everything else in the bowl was pretty average. The meat was forgettable.


Chashu ramen $8.99

4 slices of premium pork chashu, bean sprouts, green onion and bamboo shoots.

I didn’t try this but S thought it was good~ His favourite is still Santouka Ramen tho.


Green tea tiramisu $4.50

Green tea & red bean with mascarpone cheese

I had such high expectations for this dish because the waiter was excited about it and he mentioned it was made in house. I was pretty underwhelmed. It was definitely a good combination (green tea & red beans) but the mascarpone was weird. It was kinda clumpy and had not such a great texture.




Total damage $59 (includes tax & tip)

Personal rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Good)

My favourite was the croquette, unagi and the silky noodles. The ramen broth has less body than my other favourites but was pretty decent. Prices were pretty standard as well. Nothing amazing but nothing was bad; everything was decent to good.

Service was a little slow, mainly because one poor guy was running around trying to serve the everyone. Got better much later when another server started working.




Dohatsuten Japanese Ramen

799 San Antonio Rd
Palo Alto, CA 94303

(650) 493-2878

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