Ramen Santouka (2) – San Jose, CA

A trip to our new favourite ramen place: Santouka. Nothing beats a bowl of chewy noodles in a salty full bodied broth on a rainy gloomy day.

Introduction to Santouka here.


Finally got the chance to order the Toroniku Ramen. Their special pork

#9 Toroniku (special pork) Salt flavour Ramen (Large size) $11.95 + egg $0.99

Pork jowl and condiments plated separately.

I could see why this special is so frequently sold out when we are there. We both agreed that the pork jowl is better than the regular pork slices that comes with the other ramen bowls.

Meep like his noodles just fine. 🙂 We never did try the shoyu/soy flavoured noodles but between the salt and miso, we liked them equally.

The noodles are always cooked to a nice al dente and so is stll fairly chewy with a little bite. And the soup is milky, porky and salty; pretty darn satisfying.


#34 Spicy Miso Ramen Regular $8.45

These noodles never fail hit the spot. The noodles are perfectly chewy in a slightly spicy broth. The pork slices are tender and delicious.

On another occasion, we also got the toroniku with miso ramen rather than salt. There is actually a whole range of combinations that could be put together. The miso broth is just as good as the salt and spicy miso. Now we just have to try the Shoyu broth.



Total Damage: $25.05

Personal rating: 4 out of 5 (Very good)

I can’t believe it took us over 30 minutes to finally get our noodles, but good things come to those who wait. 🙂 The whole food court area was filled with people slurping overly salty (subjective) noodles that are just oh so satisfying.

The broth and noodles are just as good the first visit. I could see why this chain is popping up all over the world. I found out there is one that just recently opened in Vancouver (CL got a chance to try it and said it was good but a tad salty for her taste) AND one in Singapore as well.

So definitely the place to go if you love ramen AND salty food. I try to change it up with other places because sometimes the salt here is a tad much.




Ramen Santouka

Mitsuwa Marketplace
675 Saratoga Ave

San Jose, CA 95129

(408) 446-1101

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