Yu-Raku – San Mateo, CA

First dinner w SK & A after getting back from my crazy vacation~ I was quite excited about eating non Southeast Asian food and of course a restaurant I have never tried. We braved the crazy traffic and made our way to San Mateo for a 7 pm reservation.

The restaurant was small and quite packed~

Menu was fairly extensive – with a range of appetisers, ramen and rice dishes.


We ordered:

Gyoza $4.50

Pan fried potstickers

This was not bad. The skin was nice and crispy with juicy well seasoned pork.


Shoyu Ramen $8

Soy sauce flavour w roasted pork, bamboo shoots & dried seaweed.

Pretty good ramen. I was not a fan of the noodle, which was thinner than what I am used to and a little overcooked BUT the meat was very tender and soup had very good flavour.


Tantan Men $10.50

Spicy chili sesame flavour soup w ground pork

I preferred this to the other ramen. It is a little oily (might be too much for one person) but perfect for sharing. The ground pork is nice and salty and gave nice flavour to the spicy soup. Again, the noodle was thin and a little over cooked but overall pretty good.


Buta Kakuni $9

Stewed pork

This was quite delicious. The pork belly was stewed for so long that the fats were falling apart and melted in the mouth. It was a little salty on their own but would be perfect on rice.

It was sweet and salty, fatty and porky and really quite good.


Yu-raku Cha-han $9.50

Roasted pork fried rice w snow crab ankake

Crowd favourite. The fried rice was seasoned reallly well and had bits of roast pork. A little too dry on its own, but I think it is intentional because of the eggy crab sauce over the rice.

The sauce was delicious – eggy, thick and when mixed into the rice – it worked together really well.


Tori Karaage $6.50

Japanese style deep fried chicken

These were marinated pieces of dark meat seasoned and deep fried. The batter was a little thick but it was very crispy and soft in the middle with nice chicken chunks. It has a gingery aftertaste which I liked.


Hoi Ko Ro $8.50

Sauteed pork & cabbage w spicy sauce

Most disappointing dish of the night. It was just salty and had random pieces of pork & veggies. The sauce tasted like spicy oyster sauce.




Total damage- $90 (including drinks, tax & tip)

Personal rating- 3.25 out of 5 (good)

Good food, lots of choices, good prices and a great place to chill out with a few friends. Will be back to try the rest of the extensive menu. The service was ok, pretty efficient although when we were just digesting and figuring out where to go next, we were asked to leave because another group was waiting for a table which is totally rude in my opinion. We weren’t even there for more than 1.5 hours for the whole dinner and drinks.





104 S El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94401

(650) 558-8239

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