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My parents wanted to take the in-laws out for dinner on their last night in Brunei. I suggested Thiam Hock because I have always had great meals here every time I am back home. When we got there, I was quite surprised to find out that the restaurant expanded to twice its size. It now has a fancy looking 2nd floor perfect for nice banquets. The ground level still looks ghetto (just the way I like it)

Have over 150 items on their pictured menu. Every item has a picture, which makes it easier to understand each dish. They have dishes of all sizes for sharing or individual portions with rice.


1. Curry Fish Head (Market Price) $28

This dish is arguably one of the best fish head curry available in Brunei. I love it because the fish is always fresh (Supplied by my own cousin!) and the curry sauce is just pretty darn tasty and not too spicy.

The curry is served with a generous amount of deep fried tofu, ladyfingers (okra) and fresh chili. The sauce is great over white rice and the fish had a good amount of flesh on it (especially the collar and large cheeks).


53 & 54. Chicken 2 ways (Deep Fried & Thiam Hock Special Crystal Chicken) $40

Least favourite dish of the night. We could not decide on which preparation to choose for the chicken so the server suggested half and half.

The crispy chicken is dry and not seasoned enough ( they did give a side of msg/salt/pepper) and the special crystal chicken just tasted like regular steamed chicken w a drier skin.


66. Deep Fried Germany Pig Trotter (Market Price) $30

Thiam Hock is also famous for their German Deep Fried Trotter, I have no idea how it is German tho. LOL. My cousin was most excited about this dish, which too me it just ok.

The skin is fried to a perfectly crisp, with melt-in-your-mouth fat all over. That part in unmistakably amazing but the meat was just ok. I found the actual meat to be dry and stringy.


74. Ginger & Spring Onion Deer Meat (XL) $20

My 2nd favourite of the night (after the fish head curry). The deer is really tender (not gamey at all) and fried to perfection. Great flavour from the ginger, green onion and oyster sauce. I loved it over white rice.


78. Iron Plate Bean Curd with Minced Pork (XL) $20

Beancurd was tasty. Instead of the usual “instant” Japanese egg tofu in tubes, I think they get their tofu made locally. It had great texture and was fried really well. The sauce was a lot lighter than what we had all evening which was good.


125. Sauteed Baby Kailan w Garlic(L) $16

A tad overpriced – the amount given for $16?! I could not believe it. But it was a simple good stir fry~ Not much needed to be said.



Rice ($6), Peanuts ($9), Pickles ($4), Drinks ($9), Wet Towels ($3), Mixed Fruits ($10).



On other visits, I have also tried this:

Special Deep Fried Thiam Hock Beancurd

One of the better version of these deep fried tofus. It is really soft in the middle with a nice crust. Deep fried so well that it is not greasy/oily when you bite into it. Seasoned perfectly and matches the sweet chili sauce really well.




Total Damage: $194.40

Personal Rating – 3.5 out of 5 (pretty darn good)

Definitely one of the pricier restaurants in Brunei but oh so delicious fish head curry. Some would argue that this restaurant is over rated, but I happen to think it lives up to the hype.

That being said, I won’t say that this is Miele Guide worthy (but honestly, I don’t know how the Miele guide rates their restaurants and so far I am quite unimpressed by their recommendations). But this is definitely one of the restaurants in Brunei that serves great quality Chinese dishes.

Service is never stellar in any Chinese restaurant, much less a Chinese restaurant in Brunei. I didn’t like how they try to charge incidentals (not knowing we would notice) because more than half the table were obviously non locals.

And when the fruit platter came, I mentioned that the fruit tasted horrible (not ripe), instead of replacing it – she told me that is all they have BUT will charged us $10 instead of $12 for the fruit.

Growing up eating there, fruit is usually complimentary with a bill that size – but I did not call them out on it. I just didn’t want to deal with the manager. I know why some locals refuse to eat here, but I still can’t help myself!




Thiam Hock Restaurant

No.5, Yong Siong Bldg,
Lot 9452,
Kg Menglait,
Bandar Seri Begawan
Tel: (673) 244-1679
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5 Responses to “Thiam Hock – Brunei”

  1. PAUL says:

    you’ve to insist you don’t want the incidentals, it’s probably the less pricy restaurant around compared to other chinese restaurants, try Seri Kemayan next time, without the port but the quality still lives up to its reputation.

  2. Eddangel says:

    I have to say, I have not been back to Seri Kemayan in over 5 years! I do recall that was my dad’s favourite.

  3. John Smallman says:

    Had many Fish Head Curry meals at Thiam Hock and on Sunday I experimented with a Mahi Mahi head from Hawaii’s costal waters! Turned out pretty good! Hawaii does not compare with Gadog however! JS

  4. Thanis Lim says:

    Chaboh ~~ I use some of your pics for my latest Thiam Hock posts yah ~~ cos I can’t find where I keep my older photos – suddenly decided to write a bit about Thiam Hock 😀

    *hugs* cheers ~~ when are you coming back Brunei again to dine dine?!

  5. Eddangel says:

    see u in december!!! lol

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