Frangipani Bistro & Cafe – Brunei

Sweets, D & I were meeting up for lunch – and they suggested Frangipani~ I was up for trying new restaurants in Brunei (since I had 2 whole mths there to pig out on my local favourites).

Walking in the restaurant, I had no expectations of the food at all. I figured it wouldn’t be too bad because a local blogger friend highly recommends this place.

Right after we sat down, we were presented w a simple 2 page menu. Menu has a range of local favourites, “American/Italian” dishes and a range of speciality drinks:

After ordering drinks, we were given a little bowl of peanuts:


We ordered:

Lamb Chops w Mash & Market Vegetables $16.80

When the dish was set in front of me, I was instantly worried. The lamb did not have a nice char to it (it was pale and looked almost like it was boiled – happens when pan or grill is not hot enough). The lamb pieces were 50% fat and was tasteless.

The potatoes were clumpy and gooey while veggies just tasted boiled w no seasoning at all. This was so bad that I think  half the dish was left behind on the plate!


Chicken & Chips $7.50

Dumb thing about this item is; there is another dish called Chicken Strips & Fries. We expected Chicken & Chips to be grilled/baked/roast chicken with thick English cut fried but it came out looking like “Chicken Strips & Fries”!

Can they be any cheaper with the amount of fries on the plate? The chicken was dry and tasted just like frozen chicken nuggets and the fries were just fries.


Pasta Pesto Surf n Turf $13.90

Grilled lambchop n skewered prawns

Again, same issue with the lamb here. It tasted almost boiled and was not seasoned. The prawns were not fresh and overcooked (the shells were hard to peel off and stuck to the flesh – not a great sign). Pasta w Pesto tasted like nothing but garlic and was very dry.



Total Damage: $45

Personal Rating: 1 out of 5 (Nuff said)

The 1 is pretty sad pity points. The menu does not make sense with local favourites and western dishes (maybe this should have been a sign for me for what was to come).

I know I sound horrible with all the complaints but for what we paid and what we got – I could not wait for lunch to be over and go grab some snacks!




Frangipani Bistro & Cafe

Unit No. 7 , Ground Floor, Lot 56401
Sengkurong Complex
Jalan Tutong
Bandar Seri Begawan
Tel: (673) 267 1100

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2 Responses to “Frangipani Bistro & Cafe – Brunei”

  1. Thanis Lim says:

    lol! Now I see this post I feel so paiseh not telling you what to order when you try here!

    I hope next time you can try their local dishes which are their strengths. Their western dishes failed to impress me too – sad to say since their decor and ambiance is quite western.

  2. Eddangel says:

    hahahaha they shud just get rid of all the western items!!!

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