Sweet Lemongrass – Brunei

Met up w a friend who I have not seen in over a decade for dinner~ I have to say, Sweet Lemongrass was definitely a great place for a reunion. Large wooden tables that could pass off as long benches.

I have heard only good things about this place so I could not wait to check out the menu! But the menu was definitely a wreck! Great pictures of every dish (a little to extensive to me).

A range of one person dishes as well~


We took  a while to decide but ended up w:

Sweet Lemongrass Tom Yam (L) $10

Lemongrass and coconut milk tom yam with assorted seafood

Not  your typical red tom yam with the coconut milk added to it. I was pleasantly blown away by this soup. It had such great body and was sweet, salty, spicy and just plain umami-licious.

A generous amount of seafood was added to it.Some pieces were a little rubbery but lets not get too technical about the nuances. 🙂 Great portion size – enough to feed 5 people.


Stir Fried Lamb w Basil $10

One of the more boring dishes of the night. I could barely taste the basil. I tasted more fish sauce (or oyster?) n garlic than anything else. But the lamb was tender and cooked really well.


Pandan Chicken $6

Served with sweet chili sauce.

This is one of the best pandan chicken I have had to date. Sometimes some restaurants make it too dry or flavourless, expecting the sweet chili dip to make up for lack of flavour.

Very moist with good texture and the right amount of salty & sweet flavour. I like not having to deal w taking apart the leaves with them serving it like that.


Green Curry Chicken $10

This was a little runny and a lot more spicy than expected. The egg plants were delicious (and not overcooked mush). Chicken was a little overcooked but overall, it was decent. Very average but still tasty.




Total Damage $46 (w 4 orders of rice & drinks)

Personal rating: 3.5 out of 5 (very good)

LL kept talking about the Petai before we got there. Apparently, one of the popular dishes (along with the Lemongrass Tom Yam) of the restaurant. We didn’t get to try it because they were all sold out.

I loved the soup and pandan chicken. I never thought I would find a tom yum soup I like as much as this one (especially since it has such a distinct flavour from the coconut milk, which I normally am not crazy bout if it was not subtle).

The prices are a little higher than other Thai restaurants in a Brunei but it is definitely worth it. The quality of the dishes make the “premium” very reasonable. Everything was definitely good or very good. Service was as expected of any restaurant in Brunei – mediocre.




Sweet Lemongrass

Bandar Seri Begawan
Tel: (673) 223 0316

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