Park Gyros – San Francisco, CA

After checking out the California Academy of Science and walking around Stow Lake and up Strawberry hill in Golden Gate Park; B, N & I were starving! So when we saw Park Gyros a block away from the park, it was a no brainer.

There is a great picture menu (which helped because we were so indecisive) and great array of different kebabs.

Rotating big chunks meat!


We decided, ordered & paid – sat down and the food was brought to us.:

Chicken kebab plate $11.65

The kebab was delicious! Meat was marinated right through with a range of spices, then grilled (on order) perfectly – it was very moist (eventhough it was white meat) and had a nice smoky flavour from the grill.

I wish it came with more pita – the pita was also warmed on the grill and was nice & soft on the inside with a light crisp from the grill. Rice was ok, maybe a little too gummy for me but had nice flavour. Veggies aren’t my thing but B polished it off.


Lamb & Beef gyros wrap $6.95

Really good gyro, generous amounts of lamb & beef with a nice sauce and vegetables. I can’t tell if it was the lamb or beef, but one of the meats were actually a little too grainy for my liking. But overall – it was a good gyro with great seasoning & flavour.



Total damage – $25 (including drinks & tax)

Personal rating – 3.5 out of 5 (Very good)

The food is great, selection is great, prices are reasonable and service was great. The kebabs were grilled as we ordered them so they tasted fresh & hot. The guy at the counter was really nice and patient (it took us forever to decide) and he even made the effort to ask us how the food was.



Park Gyros

1201 9th Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94122
(415) 731-0400

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