A housewife’s tale episode 18

A little late but here is it! week 18~ The in laws came to visit for 6 days. We all ate soooo much I swear we prolly gained 3 lbs each. But here is a quick recap before a detailed post on the visit

Sunday- We had so much leftover from our take-out dim sum place. It was amazing how our $33 take out became almost 3 meals.
Monday – I went out for pho w Vanessa and got some take out for Meepy. I found this place on Yelp called Pho Kim Long and it was definitely worth it! I got the spicy noodle that I loved from pagolac (in Edmonton) and pho 99 (in vancouver).
Tuesday – Meep and I went to safeway to stock up on drinks and snacks and grocery for his parents. I was going to cook but he wanted rotisserie chicken. He had chicken with some frozen lasagna (from a few weeks ago)
Wednesday – The in laws were arriving today. I brined a whole chicken on Tuesday and then roasted it with rosemary, lemon, garlic. Served with potatoes, sauteed french beans and rice (coz I like rice with my food)
Thursday – Went to the outlet mall in Milpitas w the in laws, we shopped for a good 3 hours and then meepy met up with us. We then went for pho at Pho Kim Long. We all had the large which is HUGE! I didn’t have my camera with me so
didn’t get a chance to take pictues but there is always next time~
Friday – I cooked ginger pork, broccoli and soup. Everyone dug into the food before I could take pictures. I guess I made them wait a little long. LOL
Saturday – Was trying to get to a hardware store but ended up in Safeway. Meep and his dad went to the hockey game (Sharks VS Oilers). Mom in law and I ended up in Safeway and got so much food!! I marinated chicken in lemongrass the night before and then we picked up some NY striploin to grill.
We also got dessert from Safeway.  Mommy in law loves german chocolate cake and carrot cake. So we got both of that and also a choc fudge cake.
Not much cooking this week. But everything is gonna be back to routine again next week~
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