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My first Italian meal in Brunei! I was quite dreading it when Jean suggested it for many reasons. I’ve always felt that it is quite pricey and the food isn’t up to par.  To be fair, the prices are usually reasonable/comparable to prices in N America. But eating out in Brunei is just generally cheaper and this is more of a splurge.

I decided to keep an open mind and have no expectations. There was 5 of us dining~

Menu is pretty extensive. With a range of appys, pastas, pizza and meat entrees. Even the dessert menu was huge!

Oh, I found it strange that they have English pub favourites and Local dishes!! When restaurants have no proper vision and mix & mash everything like this – it rarely bodes well. But we shall see!

When we sat, we were presented with complimentary chips with a olive dip and some bruschetta.


We ordered:

Beef Carpaccio $9

Thinly sliced imported beef tenderloin served on dijon mustard topped with parmesan flakes, olives, anchovies and salad

Quite a disappointing dish. The meat actually tasted watered down… it still had “freezer” taste to it and I did not enjoy the olives. As we progressed, I noticed that this restaurants puts olives in almost everything… Not a great combination of flavours.


Prawn Spaghetti $15

Prawns & pasta tossed in a generous amount of olive oil, butter, garlic & crisp breadcrumbs

Probably my favourite dish of the night. There was just enough flavour from the garlic and seasoned perfectly. Prawns were tender & sweet (very fresh) and cooked well. That being said, the pasta was well overdone and quite soft. That is usually not a problem with me since I like soft-ish pasta but be warned if you are an al-dente person.


Prawn Ravioli $15

Prawn filled pasta folded in squid, prawns & fresh herbs in a fish bouillion sauce

The ravioli was always a crowd favourite. I found the dough a little gummy but they are very generous with the prawn filling. The sauce is a little oily but pretty decent dish with generous amounts of squid & prawns. It actually had a similar flavour profile to the previous seafood dish but less garlicky.


Special of the day – Salmon Fillet & choice of side pasta $24

Grilled salmon served w prawns in light cream sauce & side of pasta

The salmon was way overcooked and I found the cream sauce a little strange. My cousin in law enjoyed the sauce tho (so this is totally just me being anal). The pasta was cooked well and tossed in a simple tomato sauce (which I quite enjoyed) with some seafood chunks. I thought the seafood was very much overcooked as well and the tomato sauce to be lacking in flavour.


Fettucine carbonara $14(forgot to take a picture)

One of the worst carbonaras I have ever tasted, which is quite impossible because carbonara is such a basic dish – and whether one chooses to add cream or be authentic with just an egg yolk, the sauce should be white, thick and coat the noodles.

This version was almost a bowl of soup. It was quite unappetising to look at, and was even worse  to the tastebuds.


Tiramisu $6

I actually quite enjoyed the tiramisu. It obviously doesn’t have the rum flavour (being in Brunei and all) but it was nice & creamy with a soft moist “cake” layer. It is a lot sweeter than most tiramisus but that went really well with the coffee, which was pretty good as well.




Total Damage: $100 (including drinks)

Personal rating: 2.5 out of 5 (Average)

I actually this the prices are quite reasonable – there is always a generous amount of ingredients/food for every order. The service staff is very gracious and quite like-able. Food was just too inconsistent; with some dishes tasting quite good and others were just way under par.

Note: Menu has changed in the past month towards a more Mediterranean direction. I guess that is for the better especially with this unimpressive menu.




Grazie Mauri

Unit 3, Block A,
Abdul Razak Complex
Bandar Seri Begawan


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