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Gotta love Excapade~ Excapade has to be the most popular Japanese restaurant chain in Brunei. It started off as a little restaurant in Gadong and in less than 8 yrs, it now has about 7 different locations all over Brunei. This is one of the newer ones offering Teppanyaki & Shabu Shabu.

There restaurant is designed quite different from their flagship restaurant, which has nice wooden Japanese-eque decor while this is more modern. With bright lights, black and white accents and nice contemporary looking chairs and booths.

Every table has electric stove top that is also utilised just like regular table top when not ordering teppanyaki.

The difference w the menu here, and the menu at other excapade branches is in addition to the regular menu , there is a section for shabu shabu & teppanyaki.


I just stuck the usual favourites:

Salmon Sashimi $15

Pretty good. I am always quite impressed with the quality of sashimi that Excapade offers. Their fish is always fresh and prepared/sliced quite uniformly. It was nice and firm with a little sweetness and no “fishy” aftertaste – good signs in a sashimi!


Hamachi Sashimi (1/2 order) $9

Pretty good. I find that the sashimi in the busier Gadong branch to be better in terms of “freshness”. I assume that is because of the large turnover in Gadong versus the slower branches like Bunut. Mind you, the sashimi is still quite good and has nice texture (firm and not mushy) but it is just not great.


Salmon Cone $3.80

Generous portion of salmon in this nicely made little cone. I like the ratio of rice, fish & avocado~ 🙂 Not bad for $3.80~


Philadelphia Maki $2.50

I have always found cheese in sushi rolls weird so I did not try this~ Personally, I think there is  a little too much rice in this roll but maybe that is necessary because of that giant glob of cream cheese?


Soft shell crab tempura $10

I loved this dish. I am rarely impressed with tempura because the batter is hard to get right (and not many places do). Excapade’s tempura batter is a little thick but I was ok with that here because the crabs were really good. For $10, you get 2 whole crabs the size of my palm and deep fried really well.

The insides stayed juicy and ozzing with crab roe. And it was really sweet & fresh tasting.


Teriyaki Tofu $2.50

Not a fan of tofu – but Excapade has always served crowd pleasing tofu and this is no different. It came to the table nice and hot (with a thin crisp skin), and a nice amount of teriyaki sauce.


Miso Soup $2

Meh – ok. A little bland for my taste but not bad.




Extras: 3 Teas @ $1 each

Total Damage: 47.80

Personal rating: 3.25 out of 5 (pretty darn good)

Based on the sashimi & soft shell crab, I could keep coming back here. The prices are reasonable, food is prepared well and I think I have established that their products are quite fresh as well. I should have tried the Teppanyaki (although I have not heard many good things about it), but it is hard to not go for the items that excapade is known for – sushi & sahimi.

The service here is pretty good. I guess it is quieter and so the staff are just more available. The server was very accommodating when Sweets had “requests” about her rolls (she has a thing about mayo), and when I asked for the half order of Hamachi sashimi because I can’t eat one full order.




Excapade Teppanyaki/Shabu Shabu

A2, Ground Floor, Block A,
Bangunan Lim Seng Kok,
Simpang 628, Kg Bunut
Jalan Tutong
BF 1120
Bandar Seri Begawan, BRUNEI
Tel: (673) 265-4312

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  1. Red says:

    how come you didnt try teppanyaki dishes? the lamb teppanyaki is not bad. will be going there later XD

  2. Eddangel says:

    good question! it just seem a bit pricey and i dont know how the quality is. bad blogger me. lol ask lili take pics to show me!!

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