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Kaizen is one of the older sushi joints in Brunei. Before Excapade won the hearts of the locals, and continuously expanded over the years – Kaizen was always packed with people. Now it is no longer the first choice for most, but still a popular favourite of some who feel that the food here is just more authentic.

One of them being my cousin~ She took my sister and I out for dinner the first week I got back and insisted on Kaizen.

Menu is extensive, with great pictures and simple descriptions.


I had no preference and left most of the ordering to the rest:


Chawan Mushi

The cawan mushi looked amazing. I am usually not a fan of steamed egg dishes but this looked good. I didn’t try it but my cousin loved it. The egg looked really silky & smooth (always a sign of good cawan mushi) and she said it was really good.


Softshell crab maki $5.40

Can’t go wrong with soft shell crab maki~ They were quite skimpy wht the crab in the roll but the legs were really crispy and tasted really good. Pretty good overall.


Matsu Set $11.70

The nigiri sushis were all made really well. The tuna pieces tasted quite fresh, the salmon was not as fresh tasting as I would have liked, the ebi was ok and the unagi was not bad.


Makimono (bottom)

Honestly, I can’t remember much about this roll. It was pretty good (I think) because I actually had quite a few. I am surprised it didn’t leave a better impression in my mind like most dishes I have tried.


Inari Spicy Shake Sushi $3.60 (Bottom)

Spicy salmon in a Japanese tofu pouch

I didn’t try this, but sis & cousin enjoyed it a lot.


Hanai Ikura Sushi $5.40 (2 pieces on the side of top picture)

This is one of my favourites for the night. The salmon was not as fresh tasting as I would have liked but the ratio of rice, salmon, mayo and tobiko was just right. It made for a very nice bite (albeit a big one)


Shake No Chizo Maki $7.20

Crumbed salmon with cheese

This was a strange one. I always find it strange to have cheese in any sushi roll or mixed into Japanese cooking. But my sister & cousin said this is pretty good so they ordered it. I had a piece and yup… it is strange.

The salmon was really nice but the cheese was cold & hard, it didn’t soften or melt from the heat of deep frying. The outside crust was thick and not so good.


Koroke $3.60

Potato Croquette

This was quite disappointing. I expected a nice hot crispy balls with a soft fluffy inside. This was nice and crispy on the outside, but by the time it got to our table it was cold.

The insides were really heavy and “doughy”. Not so great. The flavours were good but the texture and all was off.


Toukimi Tanuki Soba $7.20

Buck Wheat Noodle Soup

I didn’t try any of this but this is a favourite of my cousin’s. She mentioned that Kaizen has the best Japanese noodles bowls in Brunei (In comparison to other sushi places).




Total Damage: ~$60 (including drinks)

Personal rating : 3 out of 5 (Good)

Not a bad place for good sushi. It is a little pricier than the popular Excapade, with similar standards in food.




Kaizen Sushi Restaurant

Unit 10, Block C, Kiarong Complex

Kampong Kiarong, BSB

Brunei Darussalam

Tel: (673) 245 2662

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