Tai Pan – Palo Alto, CA


A Hong Kong style restaurant in Palo Alto. Very pricey (I guess being in downtown Palo Alto, this shud be expected). This is a review based SOLELY on their dim sum items coz that’s all we had in the 2 trips we made there. Very classy design n western modern looking; nothing like a normal chinese restaurant.

We were treated well and given complimentary herb-y soup on both occasions coz V was a personal friend of the owner. Sadly, even with the owner taking care of us, service is still lacking.

Both trips, items from our checklist (they don’t do dim sum carts) never got to us and we just canceled them. First trip, Meep and I stood around the lobby/bar area and no one made eye contact or acknowledged us for over 5-10 mins. I was a little peeved coz they were not even busy…

What we ordered:

Complimentary soup

was good


Deep fried taro

This was just mediocre.


Black bean spare ribs

This was good. Not as fatty as the ones you get at some places, and more light in flavour.


Braised chicken feet

Not my favourite dim sum item but it was ok.


Siu mai

This is my favourite dim sum item so I am quite picky. It was pretty good but a little on the sweet side, which was a little strange.


Xiao Long Bao

I was never a pan of these soupy dumplings and so can’t judge.  But I was unimpressed.


Har Gow

I found the skin too thick (not delicate at all) so I didn’t enjoy this much.



These were not bad..


Char Siew baked bun

It was a decent sweet tasting bun (the dough part) but unimpressive filling.


Egg tarts

Meh… Not that good. Nothing can beat Great Eastern in SF

Also tried

Char siew puff pastry – ok

Snow Bun (custardy filling sweet steam buns) –  YUMMY!

Sticky rice wrapped in Lotus leaf – really small portion, very little meat but pretty tasty.



Personal rating – 3.25 out of 5 (Pretty good food, poor service, very pricey)

Dim sum items range from $4.50+ to $10+. I thought this was a little ridiculous… Food served does not justify the ridiculous prices. Meep n I were unimpressed and would not return.




Tai Pan

560 Waverley St
Palo Alto, CA 94301

(650) 329-9168

Tai Pan on Urbanspoon

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