Universal Cafe (Seria) – Brunei

KS & I stumbled upon this little cafe, after trying to pick up some kolomee but they were closed. Being totally clueless, we didn’t even realise we walked into a real gem! Seria’s most popular coffee shop that serves bread and anything bread related – french toast, roti kahwin, sweet buns, toast and more!

A quaint little place that looks like it belongs right in the 50’s. Check out the chairs, small tiled floors and the lack of “decor”. Oh and I love their sign board too!

We got there at mid afternoon and it was pretty packed (especially with old folks just chilling out having afternoon tea and chatting).

We were so clueless; that we asked for a menu and was told that they don’t have a menu. So when we asked what they had, they told us anything bread related and drinks then we were directed to a glass counter with a range of baked buns.

We ended up with:

Roti Kahwin

White toasted bread with kaya (coconut jam) and butter

Pretty good bread! They make all the bread in house and this white toast was toasted perfectly, with a nice soft centre and was slightly sweet on its own.

Just the right amount of butter & kaya so it was not greasy or soggy by the time we got it.


Butter Bun

Sweet bun with sugary butter filling

We ordered one to share but ended up liking it so much we got 2 more. The bun was light and fluffy with just the right amount of sweet buttery filling. It was also warm and soft when it got to the table. Loves it!!


Kopi O

The coffee was not bad; a little too light for my liking. Apparently they have great Tea C (tea w milk) and are well known for it. I guess I should have tried that instead.




Overall Damage: ~$3 per person

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very very good)

Bread & buns don’t get fresher than this, they get baked then placed into the display case. It is so popular and busy that the buns sell out so everyday you get only fresh stuff.  The butter bun was amazing, I kept craving for it after. Prices are really cheap making it a perfect place for a quick snack.




Universal Cafe

Seria (somewhere near the police station)

Click on the name above to get to the foursquare map.


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13 Responses to “Universal Cafe (Seria) – Brunei”

  1. ETang says:

    LOL! Just saw this… you should get the french toast next time. It’s eaten with ketchup and sugar… mmmm…. It’s like a xmas present <3 <3 <3

  2. foodlover says:

    is it halal? cos i don’t see malay muslim enter that cafe… but they sell variety of bread & buns only right?

  3. Eddangel says:

    Yea, they only sell buns and whatever is bread related – roti kahwin, french toast. I don’t recall a typical green or red sign so I can’t say if it is halal or not. if i find out, i will let you know~

  4. foodlover says:

    ok thanks ya… 🙂

  5. Eddangel says:

    Apparently, lots of Muslims eat there but my friends are not sure if there is a “green” sign indicated in the restaurant. 🙂

  6. foodlover says:

    oh ok… my friend also said its halal cos they just sell bread & bun… so i guess i can drop by there… thanks ya 😉

  7. Ony says:

    Next time, try their cream puff. oh my~ its so good!

  8. Red says:

    Da, this is the place that once it reaches 4:50, they completely shut the iron gates with you inside and they dont even allow you to order anymore lol. and then you have to exit thru the side door..

  9. Eddangel says:

    really?! haha, that is hilarious~ you know it is Chinese run when they pull a stunt like that. LOL I am totally curious about their french toast now. my friend Etang said it is the thing to order and she is from seria. go try it for me.

  10. Eddangel says:

    they have cream puff?!! i didnt see it in their display when i was there.. only buns.

  11. Red says:

    the french toast? they toast it old style. lol i think everyone orders that there..

  12. HANI AZIZ says:

    At what time do they open and close?

  13. Eddangel says:

    I am not too sure but I can find out for u~ i do know they r open during breakfast n lunch until tea time (around 2 ish?) but i dont know if they reopen…

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