Firehouse No.1 Bar & Grill – San Jose, CA

Had to find a place walking distance from home when cousin R visited w Jem. We were meeting DK for dinner & drinks so we figured San Pedro Square will be a good spot since it has so many different bars & restaurants. I picked Firehouse No.1 Bar & Grill since I didn’t like the other options available. So, we walked over fingers crossed that food will be ok.

Not the prettiest looking bar but very “broken in” and has its own appeal especially their tacky St. Patrick’s Day decor. ^_^

There is also a nice big patio with heaters and is a smoking area.

Menu has a nice range of appetisers, typical bar food like hot dogs, burgers and even salads.

Then alcoholic beverages.


We ordered:

Steak bites $12

NY Steak cubed & seared, with creamy horseradish & A1 Ginger sauce.

Pretty good. The steak cubes were cooked to a nice medium rare, with a nice char from the grill and smothered in some sort of peppery bbq sauce. The side sauces were not necessary – the creamy horseradish was a little strange but actually tasted ok with the steak but the other sauce just tasted like BBQ sauce with no hints of ginger.


Turkey Bacon Melt $10

Sliced turkey, bacon, tomatoes, mayo and melted muenster & cheddar cheese, served with fries or salad.

The sandwich was not bad (according to Jem), nothing spectacular but decent size, with a good amount of good ham and fresh tomatoes. Fries were not bad, tasted just like what you get at fast food chains but crispier.


Foot long Chili Cheese Dog $9

Hot dog topped with homemade tri tip chili, melted cheddar/jack cheese, chopped onions, and tomatoes, served with fries or salad.

I was disappointed to see that the foot long hot dog was 2 6 inch dogs that were not great but ok. They tasted almost boiled, and then topped with a generous heap of chili. The chili barely had any meat and was more like a thick gravy. A little too salty with not much any other flavour. Overall, the chili made the bun all soggy and it wasn’t very good. Fries were ok though.


Chopped Salad $11

Chopped romaine with cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, garlic croutons, artisan salami, bacon bits, black olives, pepperoncinies, and shredded cheese tossed in homemade buttermilk ranch.

The salad had way too much dressing and too many different toppings. It was suppose to have black olives but they forgot it (which was good coz it was too much to begin with). The salami cubes were actually not very good. The other elements were fairly decent but it is hard to tell with all that dressing. R ate half the salad and left the rest on the plate.


Firehouse Tri Tip Chili  (Bowl) $6

Tri tip chili with red beans topped with chopped tomato, red onion, cheese and home made croutons.

R wanted some soup but they were all out so she settled for the chili, which was not a great choice. She only had a few mouthfuls and then stopped eating. It was the same chili as the one on top of the chili dog. Also she ordered a cup but ended up with a bowl and getting charged for the bowl of chili.

The croutons were burnt and rock hard. Chili was thick , with barely any meat, a lot of beans and way too salty.


Tri Tip Sandwich $11.50

Thin sliced tri tip served on a soft hoagie roll with mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and baked muenster, served with fried or salad.

One of their signature items. A decent size sandwich with a nicely toasted roll. DK really enjoyed it and was the only one among us that cleaned his plate. I guess that is why this is their signature item.

The side salad has nice greens but a whole random array of things; black olives, green olives, roasted red bell peppers, spinach, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions and cheese with the dressing on the side (which is always nice).




2 Boddingtons @$4 each

2 Landshark @$4 each

1 Heineken $4



Total Damage: $105 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 2.5 out of 5 (Average)

The steak bites or tri tip sandwich are probably the only item I would order again, everything else was borderline average. Their alcoholic selection is pretty good with reasonable prices. The food options are not cheap but not unreasonable as the food portions are pretty big. Service was not bad, but not that great which could be because we were sitting in the patio and tend to be forgotten.

We went by again after a hockey game the next day and they were slammed. The servers were not able to deal with the crowd and took forever to get us our drinks and kitchen closes at about 10.30 pm so no food.




Firehouse No.1 Bar & Grill

69 N San Pedro St
San Jose, CA 95110

(408) 287-6969

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