Housewife’s tale episode 2


Episode two is a day late. but its all good. I have lotsa pictures to upload. Did a whole lot of cleaning today and so the “home” is now ready with pictures for showing. lol… That will be in the next post. The last whole week has been kinda busy. not busy with anything important but busy with cleaning,experimenting, grocery shopping and exploring.

I found out the bus route and headed out to the chinese grocery store and got a whole shit load of groceries. Chris always reprimands me coz I end up carrying home wayyy too many stuff and hurt my arms. But I brought a backpack with me ( I should have gotten me those granny shopping carts that you see old ladies go to the market with, I just can’t find the right size!!!).

I bought all kinds of goodies. yeay.. I always spend an average of 50 bucks on each trip eventhough I make a point to buy things on sale or only intended to pick up a couple items. I just loooveee grocery shopping and wandering around. Found out about a japanese grocery store so I am going to check that out sometime this week.

I made siu mai! doesn’t taste quite restaurant quality coz I used minced pork. I am sure they mix chic n pork and use their own meat grinder or chopped it roughly. and of course lotsa MSG. lol.. so I am gonna continue to tweak my version until I get it right. Might take a few more attempts
so thats my siu mai..

I also tried to re create this pasta that Howie used to make that was pretty good. It was pretty accurate but like Krista said, he has his special home made garlic butter, whereas I just used olive oil and garlic…

What else did this housewife do last week… Oh on saturday, went to San Fran where chris plays ball hockey every Sat. First day of the league games started. His team won! Here are some pictures

Look at how tiny he looks in the giant jersey.. as usual, the smallest guy on the court. lol…

can u find chris??? ^_^ finally… THEY WONNNNNN their first game!! Go red leafs… (dun really like the team name, his old team in edm was called Mad Dogs, way cooler! lol)

Before the game started, I actually explored Noe Valley (the area he played in) and there was this cute farmer’s market. Got two diff kinds of honey. sage and tan oak (??) but its pretty yummieeee… it was kinda cute, they had an area where a girl was singing, mats on the floor for lil kids, chalk for them to draw with… I found a bunch of stores I already am in love with. I told myself, I will get myself sth from the store each mth. lol. ^_^  here r some pics!!

so many amazing fresh herbs, all kinda of tomatoes u can find and fruits… heaven… if only they weren’t so painful on the purse..

More to come in next post. this is it for a housewife’s episode two! see ya next sunday for episode 3!!!

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